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Thread: February V-Jump- Survive, Kizuna, ULForceV-dramon Release Info, Livestream Teaser

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    February V-Jump- Survive, Kizuna, ULForceV-dramon Release Info, Livestream Teaser

    V-Jump time!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The February issue of V-Jump has popped up, even if some of it we already knew. A few bits of other interesting info this month, especially if you planned to get the ULForceV-dramon figure.

    More translations later hopefully.

    It starts off with the Survive info, including art for Saki and Floramon, with Sakki having a significantly different haircut than we're used to seeing her with.

    Saki Kimijima is voiced by Minami Takahashi (probably best known as Megumi Tadokoro in Food Wars.)

    And a short bit of profile:
    A natural optimist who does things based on how she feels

    Floramon is voiced by Shino Shimoji (probably best known as Akari Ozora in Aikatsu.)

    Digimon Survive can currently be pre-ordered at Amazon.com: (affiliate links)
    Digimon Survive for PS4
    Digimon Survive for Switch
    Digimon Survive for Xbox One

    Survive is currently scheduled for 2020.

    Then we get updates for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, focusing on Menoa. We also get to see images from the recently released trailer, and they remind everyone the pop-up theater shop is still open also.

    Onto the second page.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Rearise is up first with details of Alphamon and Lucemon: Satan Mode.

    We also get a look at the Omegamon fountain pen that was announced last night.

    They also show off the ULForceV-dramon Precious GEM figure. They mention it being 1.2 feet tall. We also get a price and release date. It'll be out June 2020 for 20,000 yen.

    It finishes at the bottom with the livestream teaser which we found out about a few days ago- There will be a special broadcast (livestream) on January 24th, 2020. The message in V-Jump from the Digimon website says to 'prepare for shocking news!'

    Thanks to TechnicalSuwako for the image and onkei for the translations.
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    Mid 150 ish for the Ulforce figure is roughly what i expected. Not looking forward to the custom charge XD

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    I come from the net
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    Floramon's roundness face does remind you of a certain... Cat.

    I just realized about that gloomy goth-ish kid, she might have a Virus type partner. Maybe?

    And that price for UlforceV-dramon... Zeus Thrist

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    There will be a special broadcast (livestream) on January 24th, 2020. The message in V-Jump from the Digimon website says to 'prepare for shocking news!'
    I can't wait for people to assume that this 'shocking news' is very definitely a super specific thing that they want and then be let down by their own unrealistic expectations.


    The artwork of Saki is nice, I almost thought it was a new character because of the way her hair was positioned.

    Shino Shimoji also voiced Pyra & Mythra (or rather, Homura & Hikari) in Xenoblade 2, so naturally I'm happy to welcome her to the Digimon franchise!

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    I'm super excited about the ultimate forms

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    My wallet is crying at the sight of UlForceVeedramon. ;w;

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    Yep, my wallet is weeping bitter tears, I hope you're happy UlforceVeedramon.

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