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Thread: Do you think "Butter-Fly" (and Japanese score) will be kept in the Kizuna Dub?

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    Do you think "Butter-Fly" (and Japanese score) will be kept in the Kizuna Dub?

    UPDATE (1/16/2020): The film is set to be released in the US through Fathom Events, but this time in Japanese with English subtitles. Likely no dub is planned yet. But it's possible given that the whole film in the original version can indicate that no music change is considered for the possible dub (meaning Butter-Fly could be kept like the tri flims).

    Original post below:

    I know this seems silly to ask this in a time when English dubs for anime films usually keep all Japanese music intact (unless you're Pokemon aimed at kids), but something did pop up after watching the latest trailer (with subs and mentioning Taichi's Saban name).

    Remember a few years ago when Toei Animation dropped the English dub teaser, but instead of Butter-Fly Tri Version, we got a new take on the English Digimon theme (since they can't get the rights to the original one from Saban or Hasbro), and we didn't like it? This was at a time when the American fandom was sort of dormant and Toei USA and Studiopolis and Eleven Arts (first distributor) thought that we wouldn't mind a new take on the Digimon are the champions song as it was our nostalgia (like Gotta Catch em All for the Pokemon I Choose You movie).

    But then what they didn't realize was that as we got older, we discovered Butter-Fly on our own through YouTube, cover songs in Japanese and English, and social media discussions on what the Japanese versions were like, and we grew to like it overtime and wanted to experience it in the new dubs. Despite the passing of its singer Koji Wada, it resonated even more in memory of his mark in the Digimon music scene.

    So apparently, the new English theme was only used in the first 2 tri movies and promos. Butter-Fly Tri version was eventually kept for the rest of the films as insert songs and even to have us hear the song sung by the Japanese tri cast (which in the dub schedule and licenses, the English cast can't do their own take).

    Heck even Joshua Seth (Tai) posted a video of him at the final tri film screening and one fan next to him sung Butter-Fly, further showcasing that the song has caught up with the American fandom and even the dubbers many years later when they realized they maybe don't have to spend additional money to make a new Digi-Rap.

    If let's say by the time the Kizuna dub is announced, and the opening theme for the film is a new version of the English theme like tri was, my guess is that some of us would throw a fit despite us having memories with the Digi-Rap that we tend to beat at times (or the hard rock inserts by the late Paul Gordon). The Last Evolution trailer has Butter-Fly playing for Americans and International fans to listen and it's trending worldwide on Twitter outside of Japan.

    I have nothing against the English music from the Saban dub that being said. But I believe for the film and when the dub is announced, they keep Butter-Fly in there as this will be the first time American audiences whether they are fans or not (in a mindset for some that it's a Pokemon rip-off), will listen to it as it was for the Japanese audience from 1999 to now.

    Also, it's likely the score by Harumi Fuuki will remain just as past anime dub films did in Fathom Events and streaming, as well as the new Insert Song by Ayumi Miyazaki and new ending theme by AiM (tri dubs kept all of them surprisingly). But if it went the "Pokemon I Choose You!" route where almost all of the score were replaced by dub music, the reaction would be bitter either way. At least in Pokemon, the reaction did have the Japanese score kept in "Pokemon The Power of Us" with only the replacement be the ending theme for language reasons (again, Pokemon is more mainstream to justify changes to resonate with kids engagement).

    We're adults, and Last Evolution's tone is mature and likely the music score and the songs plus Butter-Fly don't need changing as all dubbed anime films original and pre-existing didn't do much changing (unless the English covers for Japanese songs are a bonus). But that's just my own thoughts and I won't bash anyone who prefers the dub music.

    I just prefer that the Kizuna dub do what they did well in Tri.: get some of the veteran voice actors from the show and tri back, maintain dub terms we're used to, take a little liberty with the jokes for entertainment and slight script changes for better understanding the original version didn't cover (if necessary that is), and mostly keep true to the original script and retain the Japanese music and songs as they are so that the blend of Japanese, American, and International nostalgia (or just see what Digimon really is at their best than being a Pokemon rip-off), can shine as one.

    At least when the dub is announced, you can send emails to Toei USA to make sure it keeps intact (same way on requesting VAs to return).

    What do you think?
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    Frankly the Digi-rap for Tri clashed so horribly with the rest of the Tri dubís tone and the fact that they otherwise kept the Japanese score that I hope they learned from their mistake.

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    Iím sure they changed the opening from Butterfly to the remade Digimon rap in Tri, because they couldnít license the original Digirap from Saban or who ever owns it now. Itís just like when Disney dubbed the remaining Digimon movies and used Frontierís English dub music instead. Second they probably did it for nostalgia purposes, even if Butterfly is a kick ass song most English dub fans would probably want to hear the English dub theme song for nostalgic purposes. Judging from the comments in the trailer however a lot of people seem to love Butterfly now, maybe we can get an English version, instead of the song from Tri.

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    actually there is another option to it: have a English singer to sing English version of Butterfly. I've heard several youtubers doing that and I really liked it.

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    Personally I hope they do away with the Digi-rap in the dub and just go with Butter-Fly. It feels like the North American fandom is as aware of that song nowadays 20 years later. Plus I've always felt that the original music and score were the best.

    Doing an English cover would actually be a pretty cool idea.

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    I just want to chime in and mention that I would love to see a professional English version of Butter-Fly! There have been some really amazing covers done for various English versions of anime over the years (thinking of Funimation's Yu Yu Hakusho covers, Sandy Fox's Freckles from Rurouni Kenshin, and Pioneer's treatment of Tenchi Muyo's Talent for Love specifically).

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    Probably. There isn't really any reason to change it, and Tri, Cyber/Hacker's, Next Order etc kept music.

    Also Meiko's actress has done plenty of covers of other anime songs, so she'd prob do it.

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