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Thread: Wich Device is your favourite? Which is the worst one? Why?

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    Wich Device is your favourite? Which is the worst one? Why?

    Hi, I didn't see any thread about this and I'm curious about everyone's opinion. I apologize in advance if there's a similar one in existence or it breaks any rule and it has to be deleted.

    In my case I just have experience with 2 devices, the 20th anniversary V Pet and the D3. I enjoy the 20th anniversary more because I prefer to take care of Digimon and have different evolution paths to discover. The D3 is mostly battling so it's my least favourite out of the two, but it was still quite good and my first device. I think I'll get the X2 soon so I hope it becomes my new favourite.

    Anyway, what about you guys?

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    I have the D3, and I had one of the Frontier digivices. I prefer the D3 as it is still running to this day on the same battery it came with. Frontier fried after 5 short years.

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