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Thread: Figure-rise Standard Amplified WarGreymon & Omegamon Model Kits Discussion

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    Figure-rise Standard Amplified WarGreymon & Omegamon Model Kits Discussion

    Model kits!

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    Since the US release of the model kits is this week, a thread seemed like a good idea.

    The Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kit line is a subline for the Figure-rise line that's based on an amplified/stylized style for characters.

    The first 2 model kits in the line are WarGreymon and Omegamon. WarGreymon is an entirely new mold, while Omegamon is an altered version of the Digimon Reboot Omegamon model kit.

    The kits also feature standard Bandai plugs and elements so that they can be easily customized with parts from other kits. It'll be interesting to see what fans do with them on top of some more obvious choices (BlackWarGreymon has been a popular repaint since the recent Japanese release of the kits.)

    They can still be ordered at Amazon: (affiliate links)
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    got my omegamon kit in but my wargreymon order was delayed till just before christmas

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