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Thread: Secret Digimon Volume 3 in MonMon Memo! Hexeblaumon Art & Short Profile

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    Didn't know some likes Magic Knights. Shame Bat Kamen Rider and Magic Super Sentai weren't loved very so much I heard...

    I sure hope Vortex Warrior and Magic Knight Types don't introduce that... Dragonic Warriors that much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwing View Post
    So looking again, Hexe and Blau are German words. Mt. Brocken is a German mountain, but is also a magic school in Witchelny; I guess there might be some German crossover, although it could just be a coincidence. High-level programming (referring to ice sorcery) is the same terminology to reference the magic used by Digimon from Witchelny. HexeBlaumon is also coming out in the same v-pet as Wizarmon X and Angewomon X. Itís also alongside greater focus on the X-antibody again, much like MedievalDukemon and the introduction of the Vortex Warriors group. Are Magic Knights the Witchelny equivalent to Holy Knights?
    From looking at Hexeblaumon's Reference Book profile... you nailed this one on the head!

    Turns out he was a magical knight with connections to Witchelny after all. This makes me excited basically anytime they mention that works, and hopefully means they'll refer to it more in future too.

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