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Thread: Where to get Revenge of Diaboromon/Tamers Movies on DVD?

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    Where to get Revenge of Diaboromon/Tamers Movies on DVD?

    Hi everyone! My friend and I really would love to watch some of the digimon movies in clear quality but the ones we're looking for only seem to come up in fuzzy quality with annoying Disney Channel logos at the bottom.

    Is there any way to get the dubs of Revenge of Diaboromon or either of the Tamers movies on DVD? If so, where can I find them? I've searched Amazon and Ebay and can't find anything but series episodes.

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    They were never available except airing on some Disney cable channels.
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    Removed a post. Asking for illegal downloads isn't allowed on the forum.

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    Sadly I donít think theyíll ever get a release. Arenít all the pre-Tri movies in some sort of legal limbo?

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