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Thread: Art for Jazarichmon & CrysPaledramon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Saver View Post
    I really like the Blucomon line a lot personally. Sure, they're all dragons, but I think they have pretty unusual, kobold-like designs and we don't have too many ice Digimon in general.
    Honestly I just wish they'd do a set of Pendulums with the same six themes (Nature Spirits, Deep Savers, Nightmare Soldiers, Metal Empire, and Virus Busters) but with all new Digimon. Or all new but with one or two old Childs and Ultimates.

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    Oh boy I can't wait for Lord Icemon artwork

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    The artworks definitely do these lines more justice than the models.

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    Quote Originally Posted by e105zeta View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by VanChizzle View Post
    I wonder whether they could've explored the idea of an undead icy dragon along the lines of those frost wyrms in Warcraft or ice dragons in ASOIAF. To this end they probably could have done away with Paledramon's design and simply used CrysPaledramon as the Adult. Thus more variation in the line's look overall.
    We have so many dragons at this point that this would overlap with Dorumonís zombie line
    Does Dorumon's zombie line feature zombie frost dragons though?

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