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Thread: Digimon Chronicle X Update- Chapter 26! Plus Preview Video and Art!

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    I come from the net
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    Yeah. It's just me never thought of those shortened names (-mon names) added to Digimon names, it's simply weird to me and only viewed "Omega" to OmegaShoutmon in name and everything else. Same thing for Alphamon Oryuken. I'm not saying I'm too stubborn to accept the fact. It just felt so silly and alien-ish to me. Until Jesmon GX's name origins revealed. I think I will just accept it and move on. Like you said before, "The G itself is the name, not a shortened abbreviation. The G stands for Gankoomon, but it is not Gankoomon itself". Reading this made me to accept it. Not weirded out. The future probably will store more name origins to surprise me for sure.

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    Wow I love how Ogudomon X looks and Jesmon GX is a vast improvement from his X form. Love how the story turned out the Jesus vibes are awesome!

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    I'll admit that I was on the bandwagon of expecting Armagemon X and Imperialdramon PM X, but more because those two seemed like obvious and predictable choices for the secret Super Ultimates.

    First Ogudomon, and then a Jesmon powerup were curveballs that I didn't see coming, and I have to say that - while Ogudomon X seems obvious in hindsight - I'm pleasantly surprised by both of them. Diablomon's connection to Ogudomon X is just brilliant. I didn't know what exactly to expect from the mysterious 'Digimon of Justice' silhouette and there's no way of telling it could possibly be Jesmon from the silhouette alone. But after a quick glance at what it ended up being, Jesmon GX may already be one of my favourite Digimon designs

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    Well, I prefer this to a Royal Knight jogress. I don't love the design, but it is an x-antibody, so it was going to be a bit busy.
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    So it’s Jesmon yet again. Too bad for the other possibilities; half of the design being his energy familiar thingy really threw off the recognizability of the silhouette.
    Anyway, I do like the design, even if i don’t exactly care about him lore wise.
    What looked like some sort of tail turned out to be a short sword. I was suspecting that the spiky bit at the side could be one of those over the top elbow guards but didn’t know how the rest of the arm would figure into the design.
    Short swords (even if they are silly laser ones) have been pretty underrepresented when it comes to knightly Digimon, so I didn’t count on that. The design is still pretty spiky but I have to say that in contrast to the complete spiky overkill of Jesmon X they introduced more regularity and it doesn’t look as chaotic.

    Jesmon/Hackmon and Gankoomon were always strange. Their “story” (if you can even call it that) has been told in half a dozen media but never interestingly or well. It mostly was them showing up as “those two guys” to hijack the plot for half an hour with a generic training session about BECOMING STRONGERRR… And they’ve been doing that for seven years by now.
    If there had been a consistent sense of progress of their story it could have worked but we never got that. Maybe because the two forms between Hackmon and Jesmon are too boring to any sort of spotlight of their own and the only time we had a Hackmon with at least a sense of personality was in tri where he was used outside his usual role. (And the only thing that was ever interesting about Jesmon were the claims about him being based on Jesus which was never the intention if the first place)
    But perhaps it’s a concession of blandness on bandai’s part that they never committed to a full story about them, even their most prominent appearance in Digimon Collectors was cushioned by other content and didn’t leave much of an impact in any sense. The conclusion of their arc was so lacking in any kind of noteworthiness that they now have no shame about wholesale recycling the scenario of the duo teaming up against Ogudomon while still expecting it to be new and exciting.

    Anyway, my point is now that Hackmon has reached his third final form (lol) they could maybe stop shoehorning him into future stories.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarama View Post
    So, Bandai.. Jesmon leads the all new RKs now? Interesting.
    The story does not state that he is leading anything. It only mentions him “supporting” the RK, and being the leader of the royal knights ever determined by strength alone in the first place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amandil7 View Post
    God that's unexpected and somewhat disappointing. How on earth can a powered up Jesmon (even with the power of Gankoomon X) take on a digimon that has 7 Diablomon X combined with the 7 Demon Lords in their X forms? The math alone does not compute!
    As if math (or at least the sort of simplistic additions of power that are implied by the argument) could definitely determine the outcome of an actual fight.
    Jesmon GX could simply have some ability or even just an ordinary tactic (even though that’s not Digimon’s strength post V-tamer) that counters Ogudomon’s abilities which could make a simple difference in physical strength, even if Ogudomon X was 3,5 times stronger or something, mostly irrelevant.

    Quote Originally Posted by frankiemon827 View Post
    Also wondering if Ogudomon X and Milleniumon have a death match since they are super OP digimon...
    Bandai doesn’t seem to share fan’s peculiar obsession about Millenniummon being the be-all-end-all of Digimon Villains, so since Milleniummon was never part of this story anyway that's fairly unlikely to happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow Hawk View Post
    It just felt so silly and alien-ish to me. Until Jesmon GX's name origins revealed. I think I will just accept it and move on. Like you said before, "The G itself is the name, not a shortened abbreviation. The G stands for Gankoomon, but it is not Gankoomon itself". Reading this made me to accept it. Not weirded out. The future probably will store more name origins to surprise me for sure.
    Nothing about the name is weirder than what we got in the past, especially back during Xros Wars.
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    I come from the net
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    Xros Wars is just... Wrecked for me.

    I agree about the silhouette of Jesmon GX threw us completely off but still, it barely got Jesmon shape although the head wasn't there in the view made it harder to tell which. But honestly I'm happy it wasn't Omegamon or Chaosmon.

    I wonder if Sistermons will be mentioned after the final battle?

    How funny, Armagemon X vs Imperialdramon Paladin Mode X was very popular opinion now we got Ogudomon X and Jesmon GX, the biggest twist plots revealed ever.

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    I'm a Maniac
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    What is up people thinking that jesmon gx is not strong enough just because this and that, the point is they both are transcended beings in digital world and jesmon gx will beat the **** out of ogudumon x.

    It is no different than how ulforceveedramon future mode beat daemon super ultimate or imperialdramon paladin mode beating armageddonmon.

    And unlike some fans out there who think zmelliumon is an 7nbeatable omni potent digimon god of digital world, I am sure that jesmon gx or the other two goodies I mentioned can easily beat it.

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    I come from the net
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    Hmm I don't know why do you view that. To me, people were surprised Jesmon got evo but not enough impressed because they honestly expressed about... "Getting tired of Royal Knights" you know? Don't worry, Jesmon GX was huge surprise and it might be some among the people who were disappointed probably it didn't turn out as the jogress or Imperialdramon Paladin Mode X. It's just common thing, they were so focused on personal "headcanon" to bring the reality therefore got disappointed easily like other people does.... It's just good guys always wins pattern that is pretty predictable where they easily don't get excited for.

    I'm positive Jesmon GX will have amazing ability/technique to roflstomp Ogudomon X without a doubt. GX is probably new countermeasure to Ogudomon X although... GX only exists for Jesmon X's evo route... I think I will have concerns for GX's appearances in the future, knowing it's X antibody.

    We still haven't learnt any info about Jesmon GX beating evil ones yet besides some info revealed on GX and Ogudomon X's attacks.

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    I think Jesmon GX can appear in the future as an evolution to regular Jesmon just fine. Note how his name is written as Jesmon GX and not Jesmon G(X-Antibody). They can treat him as a natural carrier.

    So, with a open spot in the RK, we will probably get a new mon down the line... unless they decide to promote Rapidmon X.

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    Well, uh, cool I guess?

    Not sure how to feel about Jesmon presumably being the strongest RK and creeping Omegamon, Dukemon and Alphamon now.

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