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Thread: Digital Monster X Ver.2 Discussion

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    So I woke up today and remembered I had to go pre-order mine before tomorrow. Logged into Premium Bandai USA to find out I had a free shipping coupon. Proceed to say heck I'm buying both versions now cause I had about 70 bucks placed aside for this.

    EDIT: oh shoot my tired brain misread thread titles, I was talking about the X3. Sorry about that.
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    I can't believe the P-Bandai US orders are shipping so late.... I wonder if that's the same for all pre-orders after July 3rd (or was it the fifth?) or just those done through the US site.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roy130390 View Post
    Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask: Does anyone know why the power level of an X Digimon is weaker than a normal one in the V Pet 20th anniversary version? According to the digimon list in humulos page a Tyranomon has a power of 70 while Tyranomon X has a power of 62 and as far as I have seen it's the same with every other Digimon that had registered stats. Is it because that's the power level at level 1 and they become more powerful as they increase levels? I'm planning to get this device and I while it's not a deal breaker I expected them to be more powerful if I decided to fight against a 20th anniversary version.
    The power levels are relative only to specific device families, so Tyranomon is only 70 on the DM20, it is NOT 70 on other devices. When an DMX fights a DM20, they both use the original Digital Monster Battle System, in which there are 10 "tiers" of power, as opposed to power levels ranging between 4 and 254 on the modern devices. The strength of these different tiers was known on the original Digital Monster series, but there are reasons to believe that the programming may have changed for the modern devices, and as such, I cannot say for sure which tiers are stronger than others I also do not have a list of every Digimon by Other Battle Tier, because extracting that information is a LONG process.

    TL;DR: Don't worry about power levels when using two different device types.
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond and just as I did in my introduction a few days ago, I wanna thank you for all your hard work sharing all of this information to us. It's amazing that there's still tuff to discover with these devices, it makes it more exciting.

    Edit: Maybe it's just me, but the X3 have been disappointing. I didn't like many of the X versions that were revealed, both their actual appearance and the prites. I found the X2 designs more solid and enjoyed almost every character in the roster despite preferring the Royal Knights over the Demon Lords. Aside from Hexeblaumon and a few others I don't feel like I'm missing much.
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