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Thread: Leadup to Kizuna Week 16 Short Series- Please Tell Me! Galko-chan

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    Leadup to Kizuna Week 16 Short Series- Please Tell Me! Galko-chan

    With Yu Yu Hakusho still going for another week for those continuing to watch it, something nice and short for those who finished it, or simply weren't interested in the whole thing, this time we have a short series, that's about as long as a movie would be.

    Please Tell Me! Galko-chan!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Fanservice and general content might take a few people by surprise. The English release of the manga the anime is based on is rated for 15 and up.

    The series can be watched on the following officially:
    Subbed on Crunchyroll

    Since YYH is still going, this is a short one, rather than doing a movie. The show is 12 episodes that are easy reasonably short, so the show ends up being about 90 minutes long. There is a longer OVA that isn't currently available officially at the moment that came out after the series finished.

    Galko-chan shows high scroll from a slightly more comedic appearance, while often swinging hard to play with the general stereotypes you'd expect from anime and people in general. While a number of characters show up, the primary ones are Galko, a gal, Otako, an otaku, and Ojou, a 'young lady'. The show leans into the names being part of the gags in a pretty obvious way, and it works well.

    It's a great comedy that is very funny, quite clever, and has characters that have a bit more depth to them than you might expect. This is one I've been very pleased not only with the anime, but with the manga the series is based on. Still hoping we get a home video release in the US at some point, preferably with the OVA included. On top of that, the art style of the show has a nice look to it.

    While I don't bring it up as much anymore, it used to be a borderline recurring joke on the podcast how much I thought tri. Mimi could be transplanted into a Galko-chan style show if she were to get her own series.

    As for Digimon connections, Galko-chan doesn't have a ton, but does have a few familiar faces:

    Yuichi Nakamura plays Abesen in Galko-chan. For Digimon he was Charismon in Appmon.

    Takahiro Sakurai plays Charao in Galko-chan (the show doesn't really have a male lead, but Charao is about as close as it comes.) For Digimon he's played a number of characters, but is probably best known as Tentomon and his evolutions in Adventure. A few other larger roles he's had in the franchise was the adult Koushiro at the end of 02, Dorurumon and Dondokomon in Xros Wars, and Psychemon and his evolution Astamon in Hunters.

    Mamiko Noto does narration in Galko-chan. She's only had a few small roles in Digimon, most notably Chocomon's baby voice in the 02 movie Hurricane Touchdown.

    Makoto Furukawa plays Bomuo in Galko-chan. For Digimon he was Yuujin Ozora in Appmon.

    I've embedded an intro as a preview:

    Feel free to post as you wish in this thread. You can post as you are watching, episode by episode, when you finish. Whatever you want. Try and give it a couple days for later spoilers so people have time to try and view stuff without spoilers, while still interacting in the thread (especially if you decide to keep watching past the episode listed as the last one for the leadup.) If you watch one episode and it isn't for you, pop in to explain why. Have fun with it!

    A new show/movie will go up each Sunday night (or early on Monday), but feel free to keep talking about older shows in their threads, or even watching past the listed episode.

    If you want to chat in the Discord you can.

    Hopefully you enjoy. Feel free to make any suggestions or ask an questions regarding the threads or the shows also.

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    Ha ha ha ha ha. Yes. I have seen this show. It is hilarious and I sort of wish it was longer. But this is a great funny show and every girl is best girl. I did enjoy this dumb funny crazy stuff.

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    This was a funny show. I went ahead and watched both the series itself and the half-hour OVA. It was interesting how nearly every character is based on a particular stereotype, and yet the show is so open about it that it comes off as interesting rather than cheap. I liked pretty much all of the characters, and the sense you had that there was a larger world, with minor characters popping up in a few different places. I'd like to see more of it come out in future. Seems like it deserves it, considering how abbreviated it is.
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    See. That's what I said, just longer. Thanks. It is based off a 4Koma so there's enough of that.

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