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Thread: Short Profiles for Pegasmon X, Examon X, Keramon X & Large Art for More Digimon

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    I come from the net
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    Feb 2007
    You know what? Guys. Twitter posts said Examon X reminded few of Slayerdramon.

    It gave me idea. Examon X in knight mode for Slayerdramon. And concept art of mecha suit could be for Breakdramon.
    So why not to have two modes instead of Ultimate Battle techinque to rename it: "Ultimate Battle Knight/Armor forms"? It'd be awesome and epic....

    Quote Originally Posted by mentalperson View Post
    I'm not really a fan of how they humanize everything. Examon should have stayed a dragon x_x
    Everything? lol what

    Care to list up "humanized" you saw?

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    I think the word he was going for was "antropomorphize".

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    I come from the net
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    Sep 2006
    Nice to see a Pegusmon X. And a big picture of Examon X. Oh. And Keramon X. That's nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amandil7 View Post
    Pegasusmon X looks so sleek & cool, I love it! I'm guessing Nakano made this (Wikimon guessed similarly) which would make him my favorite X designer because I also love Ophanimon-X.

    As for Examon-X, echoing everyone's disappointment. I think it's relatively one of the worst RK designs which is a shame because original Exa was so unique compared to the rest.

    This one looks like any ordinary dragon knight (which we have no shortage of!) and reminds me of Slayerdramon. Totally unworthy of being the mascot, the unused concept art was far more majestic imo. The halo on top adds such a cheap color to make the whole art worse. :X
    By that logic and people's reaction to Gankoomon X, I guess he doesn't deserve to be the cover mascot either.

    I predict that 99% of Digimon fans will only buy the X3 toys for the non-cover Digimon.

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    I come from the net
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    Feb 2007
    Sounded like Gankoomon X and Examon X being on the cover didn't improve their popularity well... I guess there are too many human-like bodies to handle just much enough to make digifans tired of it. Poor them. :/

    Examon X's popularity is hard to tell. And Gankoomon X... All it got are "Oh cool" upon first seeing it. That's it. Also he gotten such weirdest traits from "Father Priest", Angry Father with table flipping, scientist coat, muscular guy, Sengoku Basara vibes of Takeda Shingen and futuristic visor man.
    Now he gained new ones: Yakuza Dad. Learnt from the fighting video games. Martial Arts of Karate. So much less "Royal Knight"-like despite new white armor equipped. But for me, Gankoomon X is slightly better than before. His Ultimate Battle technique is OP. I'm fine with both forms of Examon thanks to this concept arts.

    Now Examon X and Gankoomon X got profiles. Meramon X will finally reveal soon then two unrevealed ones. Jesmon X seriously need huge quality image.

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