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Thread: Why my vpet 20th is not reading the batteries?

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    Why my vpet 20th is not reading the batteries?

    My digimon ver.20th english yellow is discharging too fast, I've changed the battery three times already and the vpet keep showing the battery screen after some time. What can be happening to the vpet?

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    1 - Make sure you are using quality CR2032 batteries, they are not all created equal. I use Energizers and those have consistently had the best results for me.
    2 - When the dead battery screen comes up, just hit the reset button and see how long it takes for it to come again. In some cases, I've seen the battery an additional week without swapping it out.

    Ultimately you should be getting close to 3 months on a single battery, but how much you use that will of course determine exactly how long they last.
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