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Thread: Handful of Last Evolution Kizuna screenshots featuring the 02 kids and Digimon

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    Love Yolei's outfit. Davis doesn't look like he's changed much. The Digimon look a little... out of place? Like the colors are a little more dull than the light-washed humans. Maybe it's just the angle.

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    When is this movie coming out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnalord View Post
    When is this movie coming out?
    21 Feb 2020 release in Japan I think and some time in spring in the US from what I heard.

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    Does anyone recognize the location? Is it Japan, or are they visiting Miyako in Spain?

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    I also like Miyako. Nice to see them now though. When does this come out? Feb?

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    Good to see that Daisuke hasn't changed too much in his appearance.

    I feel they could totally have Ken be dressed like a celebrity/idol or something if they just took his fashion change a bit further. It's kinda in that awkward no-man's land and a little bland right now. I mean, he's already changed up his hair and is wearing a blazer too now so why not lol... It wouldn't really jive with his demeanour, but I don't doubt that he'd pull it off and look really stylish.

    Wonder if we see Iori wearing anything else other than his uniform?

    And yeah Miyako is definitely a hippie these days... at least they didn't play it safe with her outfit which is great.

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