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Thread: Digimon Survive Preview from Weekly Famitsu

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    Digimon Survive Preview from Weekly Famitsu

    Hey look, new Digimon Survive stuff!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The newest issue of Weekly Famitsu (cover dated November 7th) has a small preview of Digimon Survive that has a bit of new info.

    We already have translations for it, so we'll jump right into it.

    [Top right] Overview of the game: A totally new "Digimon" series. A survival/simulation RPG where children who have wandered into another world must survive with strange monsters under extreme conditions. With graphics that intensify the atmosphere of a fantastical other world, it unfolds a dramatic battle and storyline.

    [Underneath the orange text on the right] The phenomenon quietly approaching them, as seen in the OP animation: The opening animation shows the morning of the children's departure. They are seen talking happily and peacefully among their friends, but signs of a strange phenomenon are seen approaching them. They are yet unaware of the fate that awaits them.

    [Bottom right]
    Minoru Hyuuga & Falcomon
    Aoi Shibuya & Labramon
    Takuma Momozuka & Agumon

    [Top left] Your "choices" are what will cause your monster to "evolve": This game is broken down between a "drama part" that is text-based and a "battle part" where you command your allied monsters to fight. Evolution will determine who wins or loses in battle, and this game uses a new system where the player's "choices" determines the evolution pathway of the monster that they are raising.

    (Photo)←Evolution can be performed in mid-battle, and by using them well, you will be able to bring battles into your favor.

    [Bottom left] The legend of the "Beast God" (Kemonogami) and rumors of being spirited away: The protagonists visit a shrine where legend has it contains the power of the Beast God, a god living in the mountains that looks like a wild beast. Rumor has it that if children enter that shrine, they will be "spirited away".

    (Photo)←The locals who feared the wrath of the "Beast God" used to offer up children as sacrifices to this god long ago. What could have taken place inside this suspicious-looking hokora?

    A nice short look at the game. Hopefully now that Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition is out we'll start to see more of Survive soon.

    Thanks to HDKirin for the image and onkei for translations.

    This issue of Weekly Famitsu can be ordered at CDJapan (affiliate link.)

    Digimon Survive can currently be pre-ordered at Amazon.com: (affiliate links)
    Digimon Survive for PS4
    Digimon Survive for Switch
    Digimon Survive for Xbox One

    Survive is currently scheduled for 2020.
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    Aw I was hoping for something new when I saw the pop up of this. It's nice to get some info though, hopefully it's the start of us getting loads!

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    I come from the net
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    "Beast God" and human children sacrifices.. Hmm So that's why Digimon exists along with their human partners! Nah so who have any ideas on this "Beast God" in the real life refers to?

    Labramon should get X form, that artwork is still damn good. Ah Falcomon too. I still hope Kudamon gets restored as well for his original design.

    Survival genre. Hmm even it determines Loss or Win evolution battle ratio. I like it.

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    Since we saw that Xuanwumon is in the game, I bet the Beast God is one of the Four Holy Beasts!

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    I'm excited for the vague info but I need to lnow the release daye

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    I come from the net
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    Obviously it will release at extreme slow pace for each small pieces of info. Sigh but I wonder when they will introduce new characters? Like the usual patterns with younger child with a digimon partner and "rival" character for Virus type partner. Unsure of "ghosts" probably trapped in the alternative world?

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Good to see Falcomon original line in that game! 👍🏻

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    Human sacrifice, eh? That's always nice.

    I want Dagomon in this game...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Aw I was hoping for something new when I saw the pop up of this. It's nice to get some info though, hopefully it's the start of us getting loads!
    I actually dont want too much info going into this game at least for the story and Digimon choices. (And yeah part of that is on me but I have no willpower lol) the story is a mystery and I want it to be as much as a surprise as possible. Itd be fun to be surprised by Digimon and especially thenleotafonists evolutions but that might be less likely for them to hold back info for because it is one of the main draws for fans.

    I cant believe they're even dealing with human sacrifice. The plot sounds so interesting so far.
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    I think the kids are gonna encounter a cult, if they're gonna mention human sacrifices.

    The "branch specific" evolutions thing sounds really interesting. I feel like it goes well in line with how Chosen Children influence when their Digimon evolve through their emotions, but instead of normal and dark, it's based on your choices. The only flaw I see with it is that some might want to achieve the perfect ending with different Digimon.

    It's great to hear more about this game! I'm looking forward to it.
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