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Thread: Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition General Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Just nickname them whatever name you want.
    That's literally not doing what he wants.
    Not only is it tedious to manually do it for every Digimon you have it also does not apply to the names of enemies, field guide, npcs medals or mentions in profiles or dialogue.
    All you would end up with is an annoying mishmash that's neither here or there.

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    Hi, I bought the Complete Edition for Switch and I have some doubts, principally about how the save works.

    1 - Each one of the three save files have two "sides", one for the First CS, and one for HM. Does this means every file support one save file for each game? Or each file can only have one save file for one of the games?
    2 - I heard that in the Sony versions of these games, the HM would detect your save file for the first CS and import the encylopedia and medals. How does this works in this version of the game?
    3 - If the "import" of encyclopedia and medal still exists in this version, does it constantly update, or it just imports once when you start a new game? Like, in this hypotetical scenario: I finished the first Cyber Sleuth but didn't looked for medals or tried to finish the encyclopedia, I just have registered the Digimon I used in the quest. I start a HM save file, it will import all my encyclopedia, right? But if I return to my first save file of the first game, and convert a new digimon, will the encylopedia update in HM too?

    Thanks in advance

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