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Thread: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition for Switch & PC! Review & Breakdown!

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    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition for Switch & PC! Review & Breakdown!

    Time for a game, or two...

    Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition is out! The Switch version is officially out today and the PC version came out a bit early on Steam yesterday.

    Complete Edition includes both the original Hacker's Memory, and the interquel Hacker's Memory.

    Cyber Sleuth began as a Vita game in 2015 in Japan (tagged as part of the 15th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure), with an enhanced PS4 version coming out elsewhere in 2016. The various upgrades (minus graphical) made their way to the Vita version wordwide.

    In late 2017 when Hacker's Memory came out in Japan on Vita and PS4 in Japan, it included a yet further enhanced version of Cyber Sleuth running of the slightly tweaked Hacker's Memory version of the engine. The primary difference in that version was adding the additional Digimon from Hacker's Memory, but it also included some updated tutorial screens, and even character outfits. You could also import things you had done in (the new version of) Cyber Sleuth to Hacker's Memory, and vice versa.

    Hacker's Memory got a standalone release worldwide in 2018, and shortly after got a handful of new Digimon added, which also made their way to the 'updated' version of Cyber Sleuth in Japan.

    This new Complete Edition for Switch and PC is based on the 'combined' Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory that simply came out as "Hacker's Memory" in Japan (in fact, the Japanese release of the new Switch version is just being released under the same Hacker's Memory title in Japan.) This new release is also branded as part of the 20th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure.

    Update- Since the game is out, a launch trailer was released.

    Thanks to Bandai for sending a physical Switch copy ahead of time so I could spend some time with the game, and a last minute Steam key so I could quickly check some things with that version of the game. There was a time/date embargo on the review copies, but outside of that there was no limitation or check on anything written.

    Cyber Sleuth is not my favorite game. I've never been shy about saying I have serious issues with the games, and that because of the early game portions, I never spent a large amount of time with either CS game.

    But on the podcast and elsewhere I also made it clear I planned to spend more time with the game on the Switch, and I thought I might get more enjoyment out of it being able to more easily put the game down while sitting at my computer and doing other things than I was able to playing the game on the PS4, and I have.

    I've spent a number of hours (based on my available free time) and gotten a bit into the Switch version of CS (without jumping into Hacker's Memory.) I got up through about Chapter 5, with the Terriermon I chose currently floating around while leading my team as Rapidmon.

    The game is, at it's core, a more old-fashioned JRPG with some raising elements to it. Most of the gameplay is very similiar to what you would find in 90s RPGs, with a coat of graphical paint on them.

    Overall gameplay is not dissimilar from the earlier Story games, but the graphical differences, and the tunnel style of the maps makes it feel slightly calmer, while early story games sometimes had a feeling of being pushed onwards, CS lets you choose from a handful of available missions, and go and do them, but it allows you to just wander around if you want to.

    The game is certainly not open world (the portions of the game I've played have been very linear), but the 'real world' locations you go to have some degree of life and soul to them that even without a lot to do, gives a good mood to those places. Areas like Nakano Broadway add flavor that is often missing from more linear RPGs.

    The dungeon areas, mostly made up of the internet-space of EDEN, are linear and feel generally frustrating. You pick a mission and are told 'where' in EDEN it is (Level 2 of Kowloon for example.) You jump into EDEN, choose to go to Kowloon 2, and then you run through the linear map and complete whatever your mission is, often nabbing an item for a Digimon, or finding a hacker, and then you would run to the nearest exit (which very often was the entrance, until you open more floors.) Very often after that, I would check the mission board, see a mission for Kowloon 2, and then deja vu as I was often doing the same thing (simply ending at a different portion of the level.) Around when I stopped playing due to time maps were becoming slightly more akin to mazes with one way gates, so complexity does appear to get added, but at least early on, doing missions and leveling your Digimon have less of a grinding feel than crushing repetition.

    Raising isn't super complex so far. You can see silhouettes of Digimon you don't know, and the image and name of Digimon you do know. You get clear requirements of what the Digimon need to digivolve to their next form, and I hadn't yet hit the point where de-digivolving is needed to help get a higher level cap.

    It's a basic system, but works reasonably well, and minus the de-digivolving, it is more focused on letting you play the game instead of micromanaging you.

    Even the digifarm, where you can leave Digimon to raise their level, find you new missions, or make equipment is a calmer system than I expected, and seems to work well.

    Party Memory has been the only thing in choosing your team that feels like being beaten over the head with anything. Each Digimon has a memory size, and you can only take Digimon up to the limit of your party memory. Stronger higher level Digimon have a larger memory size, so you can take fewer. It's both frustrating and interesting in how it makes you manage things early on so you can't just grind endlessly right as the game begins, at least not without heavily limiting your team.

    You can take a number of Digimon with you, and swap them in and out, even mid-battle, but managing what Digimon you digivolve can change their memory wildly, so you need to rethink who is on your team, since every Digimon added to the team gives you not only the choice of new Digimon to swap in and out, but access to their Support Skill.

    The support skill is the part of battle gameplay that perhaps makes things the most interesting. Your active team (the 3 Digimon in battle) each gain the properties of each others support skill. This might add more defense or attack power, more EXP when a battle ends, etc. And these abilities can stack, allowing you to use your team to create groups not just to benefit battles, but different situations, allowing Digimon who you might not use as a fighter, or even a healer, to integrate into teams.

    The game has multiplayer, but the multiplayer with the HM Digimon is, according to everyone who plays it, broken, and since there is no balance patches we know of (not to mention I wasn't far enough in to have any higher level Digimon yet), it didn't seem worth trying. The focus of the game is it's single player, but hopefully one or two balance patches can show up to try and iron things out for people who do want to do multiplayer.

    The primary plus CS has is the story and characters. The characters are fun to see what happens to, and the story has been (thus far) a slow burn of various mild mysteries that I'll let you discover on your own (especially since I feel like I've barely cracked into the larger main story so far.)

    On top of that, the game has a very pleasant graphic style to it. The graphics age and scale well in general because they go for a nice anime style and don't run for realism. The main flaw with the style is lines on characters and objects could really benefit from some smoothness, and they are visually so thin, that very often there is nothing to be antialiased, and the lines appear more as dots than even as jaggies.

    This looks worse in screenshots than in motion, moreso since the Switch doesn't take great screencaps or video, and I don't have direct capture equipment. Sitting back from the TV, or playing the Switch in portable mode often also helps make this slightly less noticeable, but after a number of years of CS games, it's just part of the style to get used to at this point (although more on this later on...)

    The graphics in the Switch version of the game run very well. While I don't have the equipment to capture and try and make out the native resolution, it looks pretty good in both docked and portable mode. On a Japanese page Bandai says it's 1080p for docked and 720p for portable, which it very likely is, but the line issues, on top of some iffier textures at times, not to mention me not having direct feed capture as mentioned earlier, makes it hard to tell (a specific shot of Kyoko's car in particular looks relatively horrible as far as textures go.) The game overall does look nice though as mentioned previously.

    Capturing high framerate video of both my TV and Switch and counting frames (and having a friend count them separately to double check) shows the game running 60fps in both modes. There may be some minor frame pacing issues (Cyber Sleuth doesn't have a ton of motion in general, so it's a bit hard to tell, and the camera not lining up with the framerate exactly furthers that), but most people likely won't notice it (and if it does happen it appears quite minor.)

    Overall... Cyber Sleuth is a more than average RPG that I honest don't know if anyone would care about if it didn't have the Digimon name on it. I appreciate it a bit more than I did via prior attempts to play it the PS4. I still think the game has major issues with linearity and at times not trying to do much of anything gameplay wise, but it also skews somewhat close to various older JRPGs that I grew up with.

    I'd say it's good, but not great, and certainly not as special as many people try and make it out to be. Although CS and Hacker's Memory were likely the best Digimon games prior to this, and the new versions will hold that crown, at least for a little while, for many people.

    The port to Switch is a very well done port of the Japanese release of Hacker's Memory (which as mentioned before, included the various differences for the original Cyber Sleuth.)

    A day 1 patch was released to fix an issue with using a comma in your name (the game wouldn't let you save if you did so.) From quick checking, this didn't change performance of the game, but other changes may have been made that are currently not known.

    Hopefully they fix the clock though, because it appears it's complete broken in regards to the Switch's sleep mode. I got the game last Friday afternoon, and I took that screencap last night (Wednesday.) I'm not sure for a fact if I've even played 10 or 15 hours because I've been working most of the week, and nearly 120 hours simply isn't possible.

    I'm also aware there were various oddities in the translation in prior releases of the CS games. I haven't noticed anything thus far, but I also think I haven't gotten to any of the more cited examples. I would expect the same mistakes and issues to be present.

    The Complete Edition includes the various extra content released for CS and HM during their overall history. While I didn't get far enough to look into later missions that were DLC in the original CS, I have a number of Digimon on my team already that were added to the original vanilla games via DLC or other updates. These include Ryudamon, Gabumon (Black), and the various NX Mega Digimon that were DLC for Hacker's Memory (some of which were paid DLC based on where you lived.)

    A quick look at what the physical purchase of a Switch version of the game gets you before jumping to the PC version...

    The front is the main key art for both games with a logo bar in the middle. It gets the job done, but nothing more.

    The spine is the basic red Switch spine and the back shows off various game features in 3 languages.

    The Switch gamecard just goes with a logo and images of Agumon and Gabumon (the extremely small size, combined with the elements you have to include means this is about as good as we could have expected (poor Gabumon being covered up though...)

    The gamecard in person looks quite nice. I left the scan (comparatively) much larger to show what it looks like, but that does make it look a bit off.

    Last up for the Switch version, not a scan, but a screenshot. I know a number of people like to see the icons for Switch games...

    The one for Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition is about what you'd expect I guess? Half of one game, half of the other. Serviceable.

    The PC version has a few things to go over.

    For the PC version I went into Hacker's Memory, but didn't really play the game, only doing some technical checks (I'll play it, likely on the Switch after I finish CS) since the game released early. The story for Hacker's Memory is a side story/interquel that takes place concurrently to various events in the original game, at times in the same locations, but is a separate game with it's own unique characters and story elements (criss crossing with the original game at times.)

    Actual content appears to be identical between the Switch and PC versions of the game. This is the proper Complete Edition ported to PC and on Steam, so we'll only be going over some PC-centric elements.

    The general specs of my computer that the game was being played on:
    CPU- Intel i7-7700K
    GPU- GTX 1060 6GB
    RAM- 32GB DDR4-2400

    The game uses 5.6 gigs of hard drive space.
    The game also uses Steam Cloud to backup your game save and settings.

    The games controls are simply console controls ported to the PC using an Xbox layout. In game, you get the prompts as if you were using an Xbox controller, even if you are playing with a keyboard and mouse. The mouse is 'mostly' useless, mostly just acting as the general action button for left click, and the back/cancel button for right click. (I imagine remapping some buttons might get some people a setup they might be happy enough with just those 2 buttons on the mouse though, to say nothing of mouse software that would let you customize a lot more.)

    The controller mapping screen allows you to map every control how you'd wish, but as mentioned above, you will always get the button prompt/commands in game to the Xbox controller.

    This is a serviceable and fine method to do so, and not unexpected. While more proper keyboard and mouse controls were unlikely to be done, it would at least be nice if they patched in keyboard button prompts so you can simply use the keyboard (I mean... they could modify the keyboard key buttons in the setup menu...)

    It's about what was expected, and it at least gives you some degree of freedom to set them up as you wish.

    One additional note, if you connect a controller that identifies as a Switch Pro controller (I tried with an 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus for example), Steam's option to swap the buttons for the controller work properly, so all the letters match up to the buttons in game (in fact, the button placement for a few of the selections people might find better, so this is a good option if you have a Switch controller laying around.)

    Update- Another controller detail. If you enter the 'Big Picture Configuration' for controller setup in Steam, with a Dual Shock 4 (PS4 controller), and then exit Big Picture mode, the game 'will' launch with Playstation controller iconography and buttons in the on screen displays. Thanks to ubergeek77 for the info.

    After this it comes up with the PS4 controller imagery anytime you use the PS4 controller. A small issue came up with some additional testing. If you launch a game 'without' a PS4 controller connected after that, it goes back to the Xbox layout, and the next time after that you launch with a PS4 controller it generally will still be the Xbox layout, but will revert to the PS4 layout if you close the game and reopen.

    The games graphics are a bit more interesting on PC...

    Starting with the pre-rendered videos. These appear to be prior encoded versions and don't change resolution based on your settings, which isn't unexpected.

    The game defaults to a 720p windowed mode. In windowed mode the games settings won't let you go past 720p (I haven't tried to play with them outside of the in game choices.) You can also use a borderless windowed mode at either 720p or 1080p

    If you use the proper full screen mode, that adds 1440p and 4k modes.

    The game also lets you turn on/off (an unspecified method of) antialiasing and depth of field.

    Where the game gets interesting is if you decide to supersample (running the game at a higher resolution than your monitor.)

    My monitor is 1920x1200 (so for our purposes 1080p, since the game doesn't expand vertically in any fashion.)

    The screenshots above are lossless captures of my PC outputting 1080p, in order:
    720p is ugly on my setup, but running in a window it looks... ok I guess. (24 inch monitor a couple feet from my face is different than a Switch being held, so it simply looks worse.)
    1080p is how you expect. It looks nice, but that line stuttering is still an eyesore.
    At 1440p, and especially at 4k, it looks really nice though, with the supersampling to 1080p really getting us something pretty great looking.

    A native 720p capture. As mentioned above, it looks ok. You can see how nice the game looks, but the game has always had a very jaggy look, which really kills trying to compliment the graphics. Running it at the higher resolutions and having it display to me at 1080p

    The game has reasonably low specifications on Steam, and even without closing the dozen plus programs I use normally, the game was still running quite stable at 4k, running at 60 fps, with random dips lower (and had I closed everything to play I have little doubt it could have stuck at 60, although I might just leave it at 1440p if I plan on the PC more, just to make sure.)

    Oddly, I was getting some frame drops in the prerendered videos more than I was running around in the first area of the game, and those are 30fps anyways. It was relatively minor, but still a bit odd.

    Another set of comparisons at the 4 resolutions (all output at 1080p), showing both the menu and Mirai from the opening game selection menu.

    I'd recommend finding what resolution runs smooth for you and hiking it up as high as it'll go without tanking your frame rate.

    I also took shots with antialiasing off at 1080p and 4k

    Anti-aliasing does have an effect, but it's rather minimal (and it being off at times does skew more to that 'look' that Cyber Sleuth has.) I recommend leaving it on, unless your PC will simply run the game smoother at a higher resolution with it off.

    I didn't include any screenshots of depth of field off, because it simply wasn't showing any visible change for me at 1080p (possibly it doesn't show up in more detail until later, or in battles.)

    One option that would be nice if they added to the PC version was an option for a 30fps framerate cap. The pre-rendered videos (and some menus) run at 30fps in the game anyways, while the main game content runs at 60fps. The game doesn't depend on high speed action or smoothness, and while I can run it at 60fps easily, I imagine a number of people with older computers might appreciate being able to run it at higher resolutions and simply force the game to run slower but look nicer, since it will have minimal effect on the game itself.

    The Steam release appears to be, minus a few controller quibbles, a nice port of Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition, and will make a good archival version for fans always worried that a version of a game might vanish on platforms, or have DLC vanish.

    It woudn't be shocking for there to end up being quite a few mods for the PC version, but at least here on day 1, it's the game as released.

    Both versions of Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition are fine ways to play the Cyber Sleuth games, and I expect fans will be happy no matter which version they get. I still have issues with the games, but it's hard to argue with the porting jobs here, and the Day 1 price in the US of $50 is a great way to be introduced to it (with a number of stores already offering different degrees of discounts.)

    Hopefully we get more games ported like these, perhaps with some extra control touchups.

    We've also opened a new thread for general discussion of Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition.

    Lots of Digimon stuff is coming out soon and supporting us via our Patreon or donations would be greatly appreciated so that we can do more breakdowns and improve the site. Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat about the release.

    More things to come!

    Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Complete Edition for Switch is currently available to order for $50 on Amazon: (Affiliate link)
    Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Complete Edition (Nintendo Switch)

    The digital Nintendo Switch version is available on this page and on your Nintendo Switch.

    The PC version can be purchased on Steam directly.

    The scans from the Switch version can be found here.

    The screencaps from the Switch and PC versions can be found here.

    If you have any questions about the release feel free to ask.

    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.

    Affiliate links for Digimon items of interest on Amazon.com:
    Digimon Survive for PS4
    Digimon Survive for Switch
    Digimon Survive for Xbox One
    Digimon 20th Anniversary V-Pet
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 Blu-ray Combo
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 DVD
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 Blu-ray Combo
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 DVD
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 Blu-ray Combo
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 DVD
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Blu-ray Combo
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 DVD
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 Blu-ray Combo
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5 DVD
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 Blu-ray Combo
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 DVD
    Digimon Adventure tri. Collection on Blu-ray
    Digivolving Spirits WarGreymon
    Digivolving Spirits MetalGarurumon
    Digivolving Spirits Diablomon
    Digivolving Spirits Angewomon
    Digivolving Spirits Alphamon
    Digivolving Spirits AtlurKabuterimon
    Digivolving Spirits HolyAngemon
    Digivolving Spirits BlackWarGreymon
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    Ain't got no mojo... DarkMoon250's Avatar
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    I have waited for so long to have a chance to play this game. I can't believe the day has finally arrived!

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    You got Black Gabumon did you get her from the DLC Girl or digivolve into it. Also were you able to get the the Themed Agumon's because I did not when I got that far already

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaws_is_ra View Post
    You got Black Gabumon did you get her from the DLC Girl or digivolve into it. Also were you able to get the the Themed Agumon's because I did not when I got that far already
    Gabumon Black I got by evolution (at least as I recall, it's been a bit.)

    I haven't gotten the themed Agumon yet, but then I haven't found wherever you get Digimon costume gear from anyways (I would guess that became standard costume gear, ala the crown and other stuff, but no idea.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jaws_is_ra View Post
    You got Black Gabumon did you get her from the DLC Girl or digivolve into it. Also were you able to get the the Themed Agumon's because I did not when I got that far already
    Gabumon Black I got by evolution (at least as I recall, it's been a bit.)

    I haven't gotten the themed Agumon yet, but then I haven't found wherever you get Digimon costume gear from anyways (I would guess that became standard costume gear, ala the crown and other stuff, but no idea.)
    The themed Agumon weren't in the re-release.

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    Tweaked a bit above since the Switch version is available digitally at this point.
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    Added details on how to get PS4 controller iconography in the PC version of the game.

    Also added the launch trailer.
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    Well, at least now I can get it. Once I have money. Hope it's about as fun as those old DS Story games.

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    I'll be getting it today on the Switch, it'll be on the backburner until I finish my current RPG, but I'm looking forward to playing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jaws_is_ra View Post
    You got Black Gabumon did you get her from the DLC Girl or digivolve into it. Also were you able to get the the Themed Agumon's because I did not when I got that far already
    Gabumon Black I got by evolution (at least as I recall, it's been a bit.)

    I haven't gotten the themed Agumon yet, but then I haven't found wherever you get Digimon costume gear from anyways (I would guess that became standard costume gear, ala the crown and other stuff, but no idea.)
    The themed Agumon weren't in the re-release.

    Then when they said All DLC it was missleading

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