I am happy to report that I just discovered the greatest Debug Menu I've ever seen. By connecting JP3 (maybe JP4? Pretty sure it's 3 but I was testing both at the time) on a DMX 2, I have access to a menu that lets me directly edit Level, Effort and Possibly Care Mistakes, as well as two things I don't have solid theories on yet. This is done by having JP3 connected, and just hitting C while raising a Digimon to access its stats. After cycling through the stats, you are hit with several changes you can make to basically instantly get evolution requirements set. The video linked below will take you through that. So far I have successfully determined that three of the editable stats are Effort, Level and Care Mistakes. That's right, there is a visible way to track care mistakes on this, and the number you have can be changed!


In addition, having JP4 connected grants access to a new Debug menu by hitting B on the Version Screen, which shows a traited egg with the number 12 next to it. You can increase or decrease the number using A and B (from 00 to 15), and C will reset the number to 12. Button combos do nothing, and there is no way to confirm your selection so I have no idea what this is for. Doesn't seem to preserve after a reset either.