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Thread: What Digimon evolutions would characters from Harry Potter have?

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    What Digimon evolutions would characters from Harry Potter have?

    ... or any fictional media, really.

    Picture this: Harry Potter has defeated Voldemort, moved on with his life, and is now... I dunno, a badass Auror. He touches a Digimon egg and out pops a Botamon!

    What evolution chain would this Digimon evolve to? Remember that Digimon evolutions are pretty fluid, so we're not limited to canon evolution chains.

    I was thinking a traditional Greymon line, but that feels so uninspired...

    That's just one character from one fictional setting, but the question applies to any character from any setting. What would Voldemort's partner look like? (Probably a Devimon-Vamdemon chain). Dumbledore? (A Mega of some sort, I'm thinking Hououmon)

    What about Percy Jackson? Shirou from fate/stay night? Literally any character you can think of?
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    Lancer from Fate/Stay Night - definitely Leomon line!!
    Shirou (Fate/Stay Night) - Jesmon line as they are all about swords!!!

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    Fate/Stay Night. Hmm Sakura's partner is Parasimon then the true one will be Luminamon (Nene)/Shademon

    Rin's partner is Wizarmon or Witchmon maybe Kuzuhamon or Sakuyamon.

    Taiga's partner is without a doubt, Kinkakumon...

    Kiritsugu's parnter is Commandramon? Gaomon?

    Illya's partner is Titamon. FTW

    For Battle B-daman... Take TiaLudomon.

    Jurassic Park? Realistic Greymon from that movie. Plus army of Guilmon!

    Kinnikuman? Take Volcamon for your favorite announcer not just your wrestling announcer, he can appear in any commercial shorts with loud voice or evolves to PileVolcamon and double tag team with AncientVolcamon and the bad guy? Lucemon Falldown Mode

    Journey to the west? We do need this Gokuwmon and his group for that.

    Devil May Cry? MagnaKidmon. And AvengeKidmon

    Bayonetta. BELLESTARRMON

    Horror movies with dolls? Warumonzaemon, Porcupamon and Pumpmon

    Evilmon army in Gremlins.

    Ogremon X presents in KISS but in Metal Apocalypse.

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    What would Voldemort's partner look like?

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    I think Harry could have Agumon Expert/Hakase > Wizardmon/FlameWizardmon > etc.
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    Don't you think Wisemon is perfect choice for Harry Potter?

    Sailor Moon for Dianamon?

    S-Cry-ed for Apollomon

    Blitzmon and MetalliferKuwagamon in... Battle beetleborgs!

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