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Thread: It's the 19th Anniversary of Digimon the Movie!

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    It's the 19th Anniversary of Digimon the Movie!

    Anniversary time!

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    It's the 19th anniversary of the theatrical release of Digimon the Movie! It came out October 6th, 2000.

    The film was a combination of both Adventure films, and the first Zero-Two film, with a bit of story added to carry between them.

    All 3 films were altered to work for 'the Movie' to differing degrees (Children's War Game felt like it was touched less than Hurricane Touchdown for example), and people still like to talk (both joking and seriously) about how much they like the soundtrack that the film was given in the US.

    The DVD has been out of print for years as rights have reverted, but it's still reasonably easy to track down a copy cheaply enough if you want one.

    We recently did a breakdown of the original DVD release.

    Later today we'll have some special Digimon the Movie related content.
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    I'm going digital Rohan's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    Ayy, I remember having this on VHS.

    I still like to go back and watch the OWG segment of the film as the banter between Tai and Izzy was really quite good, in particular the "do you know what a semiconductor is?" joke had me rolling on the floor. XD

    And I don't care what anyone says, that OST was rockin' to the point where I bought my own copy.

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    I'm a Maniac Amandil7's Avatar
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    Feb 2017
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    I loved this movie to death! The humor, the music, the action was all next level. My favorite bits were Tai & Izzy's back and forth and when Angemon & Angewomon showed up to face Cherubimon and digivolved for like 2 seconds.

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    I come from the net
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    Feb 2007
    I still have old movie at storage. I always watched it this so many times even rewinding repeatedly. My best movie ever! Omegamon's appearance & evolution and Angemon & Angewomon evolving, even Keramon and Lopmon's full evolutions always got me all excited in awe.

    I discovered and learnt this movie was actually mixed and mashup.... Watched the original version and loved it!

    Digimon and Internet are truly amazing gave you so much experiences didn't it?! Although... You peeked at the dark side of this internet in every corner... But whatever! Let me express my extreme gratitude to this!

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    I come from the net
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    Sep 2006
    Wow. That's long. We may still not have reasons for why they did things like they did but oh well. The two movies were pretty good but really lost a few things.

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    I'm a Maniac
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    Jun 2019
    I thought the movie was extremely bad.

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    I just had to throw out my VHS copy the other day. Nothing to play it on, taking up room, etc. I'm always halfway tempted to buy the DVD.

    Anyway, I always loved this as a kid (and adult). Went to see it in theaters, got the cards, whole nine yards. Great memories.

    I've seen a breakdown of the differences between this and the three individual movies, but I don't think I've ever watched the originals all the way through. I get that it excises some important things, but I actually really appreciated the throughline they created with the nebulous "virus" antagonist for the dub.

    And yes, the soundtrack is banging, and I will defend that with my dying breath!

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    Completely digital McGann's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
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    Like Digimon World, I just happened upon this movie. I knew about Omnimon from watching Season 2, but never actually knew there was a film, and when I saw it on sale in my local library, I begged my mum to buy it for me. Between the end of 02 and the build up to Tri, it was pretty much the only Digimon content I had ('sides World), and I was revisiting it pretty consistently throughout the years. It was so cool seeing the events eluded to in Season 1, and I loved the War Game section to bits.

    The visuals, particularly of Mamoru Hosoda's entries, made a strong impact on me. There's a looseness and fluidly to his style of animation that breathes such life into every scene. From the bewildered kids playing with their pet monster, to the sudden impact of his kinetic action sequences, to the divine miracle of Omnimon's emergence. (I've since made myself familiar with his run of original films, and he's quickly become one of my favourite animation directors.)

    And while having grown up, and become more aware that the film is a structural mess (mainly due to the forced inclusion of Hurricane Touchdown), I think I've only grown to love it more. I love the Soundtrack; a bizarre mixture of 90's pop music and beautiful sweeping orchestral scores. I love Jeff Nimoy's practically vaudevillian panache for inserting fast flurries of corny jokes into the dialogue, all perfectly delivered by the awesome voice cast.

    There's even a twisted side if me that loves the film's awkward production choices. They stuck three films together; one of which was so discordant that it had to be sheared down to half it's run-time, then retroactively Frankensteined into the previous two stories, THEN, for some reason, they stuck an Angela Anaconda prelude onto the beginning!

    Of every! Single! Copy!

    That's amazing!
    Not the best way to construct a feature film... but amazing!
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    "Never attempt anything without the gloves."

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    I'm a Maniac Nagatem's Avatar
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    Nov 2017
    "Dumb old stupid texas"
    I remember when the movie first came out, i was in elementary school and I asked my mom to go see it, and unfortunately we did not ever go see it in theaters, and everyone on the school bus did and had the exclusive cards and when i found out they had cards like The Pokémon movie i was so upset, but my mom did get me the vhs when it first came out, along with all the movie cards from someone online and even the special figure sets with the japanese omnimon card and miracle 4
    and then she got me the dvd years later for easter when that had its first release
    Ah memories

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    I remembering that I could not like the Movie. In those days I could not say exactly why. The story telling feld very hastily.
    Nowaday I know why I feld this way. It was a big disappointment when there was no music from this season. No Butterfly/Leb deinen Traum, Brave Heart/Wir werden siegen during evolution scenes. It was horrible.

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