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Thread: Angewomon X Profile, Large art for her & Tailmon, Plus ReArise at 1 Million

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucemon X View Post
    Does Angemon have an X-antibody form?
    Kind of. Clavis Angemon is an X antibody Angemon species who looks like a variant of the adult Angemon, but he's an ultimate and he doesn't evolve from Angemon with the X Antibody. He's one of the more unique X Antibody cases .

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    I'm sure x3 is not the last time we will see x forms.

    They cannot leave celestials and olympus incomplete like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnalord View Post
    I'm sure x3 is not the last time we will see x forms.

    They cannot leave celestials and olympus incomplete like that.
    They've left Royal Knights "incomplete" for nearly 15 years before. Olympus XII is also hardly obligated to be "completed" when only one single member has an X-Antibody form, a member that also won by a public fan vote rather than executive decision. It was just as likely a possibility that Olympos XII might not even have had a single X-Antibody form.

    Not all Digimon are "obligated" to receive an X-Antibody form just because its (pre-)evolution gets one, because members of its own group gets one, or especially because other separate and unrelated groups gets them.

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    I'm excited/nervous for what design they come up for Ophanimon-X. Judging from the tiny sprites (X form on the right), I'd say she has a dark plume similar to Angewomon-X, her wings are also different, less angular and she has longer hair. She also will probably have less armor judging from the waist armor in the sprite disappearing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YongYoKyo View Post
    That's not a stick behind her back. It's just a part of the golden decorations; you can trace the flow.
    Oh wow yeah they make not only an ‘X’, but a double helix. Clever. I like that this makes it clear that they’re a continuation of her natural form’s sash (only now doubled, perhaps in parallel with how angel digimon usually multiply their actual wings as they evolve), while also leaving no ambiguity as to the fact that her actual wings still number eight (since twelve would be improper for one of this rank).

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    Quote Originally Posted by flintlock View Post

    Five Star Story's the knight of gold? https://www.google.com/search?q=Five...=1570224859455
    Almost and that might be it since I can't remember but thank you.

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    Are there any other digimon that references western elements? Tailmon X is the first time I am noticing this
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    "Western elements"? Looks pretty Japanese nekomata to me.
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    What western elements you see in?

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