A few things to go over...

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With the Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Memorial Story crowdfunding ending shortly, they put up a few previews in the last day or so that we thought we'd share! (Only about 5 hours to go!)

First up (at the top) is an early CGI render of the Angemon GEM Figure. We saw art of it when they first detailed the crowdfunding rewards, but this is a better look at what the figure will end up looking like.

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The figure is based on artwork by Adventure (and Kizuna, among others) character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.

The figure will only be released through the Memorial Story project in Japan, but Bandai announced at the same time that there were plans to sell the figure outside of Japan.

We also have
a message from Kenji Watanabe!

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Congratulations on Digimon Adventure's 20th anniversary!!

I never expected there to be a time when I would be working on character creation with the fans through crowdfunding!! What's even more, it went out of stock at almost the same time the crowdfunding opened. I don't know whether to be feeling happiness or embarrassment, but in all honesty, all I have is gratitude!!

For everyone who's applied, let's make a wonderful original Digimon together~

I also did unique character designs for the original story involving Pump and Gotsu. I fooled around quite a lot...

At first, I fooled around so much that I received a lot of 'these aren't good' (^^;;

However, it's interesting that this project has also taken the direction of the new movie's director and screenplay writer being involved in the mini-stories. Please see them! In fact, I want to see them soon!!

In the crowdfunding, there is also the Angemon figure that's made from the original design of another character designer, Mr. Nakatsuru. His Angemon, which holds a very different atmosphere from my art, is really cool. I also look forward to seeing Angemon in the movie.

The deadline is almost here. Please continue to support it!!
-Kenji Watanabe

The figure looks dynamic and interesting, and the message from Kenji Watanabe suggests some 'unique' designs for Pump and Gotsu in the 5th and final short...

With a few hours left there are 3,299 people who have signed up for the Memorial Story Project, with it being past 330% of the goal (a the time of this post.)

Thanks to onkei for the translation of the Kenji Watanabe message.

Update- At this point it's over.

It ended at 383% of the goal with 38,343,588 yen ($357,784.02 at the current conversion rate.)

3,846 people contributed. The most popular levels were the 5,000 yen Blu-ray level and the 10,000 yen level that got you the storyboard content. Ignoring the highly limited levels, the level that the least number of people contributed to was the 3,000 yen base level which didn't include a Blu-ray and only had 15 people.