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Thread: Do you think Bandai will release other Digimon V-Pets here in the west?

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    Do you think Bandai will release other Digimon V-Pets here in the west?

    Looking at the good sales the Tamagotchi re-release had in the west, Bandai released the Tamagotchi ON, which is basically a model of Tamagotchi that was released in Japan last year called the Meets. I would personally call what Bandai did a test to see if people not in Japan were still interested in V-Pets, and since there was interest in them, they released a new model of Tamagotchi and might even continue to release newer and newer models.

    So looking at that, and looking at what Bandai is doing with the Digimon 20th anniversary English release, do you think if it gets good enough sales they'll release the Pendulum 20th, or even the X series? It might just be wishful thinking, but I really hope so!
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    I would LOVE it if they did. I don't know if Bandai thinks the Digital Monster 20th did well enough to warrant it or not though.

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    They'll prob do one, it'll fail due to everyone getting the DM20 due to nostlagia, and then theyll die again until the 30th anniversay pet.

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    Amazon can hardly keep them in stock. If that is due to small shipments or just demand I don't know.
    Either way, that probably means they are outselling expectation. Which bodes well for future releases.

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    I think it would be nice definitely, but do feel it's somewhat unlikely.
    I always feel it's a bit of a shame how the V-Pets are one of the main things that makes Digimon's identity (and initial popularity in Japan), but yet it's almost never really acknowledged at all in western territories. Ah well.
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