Saw a new Crest on the market from Donal Presents and looked worth checking out. Got it in today and figured other people would be interested.

It seems like a new sculpt, or at least from a Crest that I am not familiar with.
It is smaller than the Koracat, though I don't have one to compare in person and about the same size as the metal keychain that has been released in japan at a few popup shops, which I do have to compare.
It has similar proportions to the keychain crest, but it is clearly a different sculpt.

One thing to note, that may not be obvious in an image at first, is that the "circuitry" area has raised lines, with the rest of the detail sunk in. I'm not a fan of that design personally, I prefer the way that the Keychain and Koracat do it, or even the etched line that Donald used on the older/larger version.
Not sure why they did it this way.
A few other things to note is that the clear resin covering the crest is domed and slightly raised, that it comes with a 28inch white cord and that the Crest of Sincerity is slightly squished, there is no space between the cross and the triangles. Though from the promotional images and the packaging, it seems this is just the design, the rest seem fine.

Overall it seems like a nice Crest, though probably not one I will get more of.

More and larger images in this gallery.