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Thread: Big Reference Book Update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Chimera-gui View Post
    Okay, it looks like there are enough X-Antibody variants for the next two updates assuming they're as large as this one.

    About out to Inpu for keeping a list of the variants.
    Two of which are Royal Knights, so we'll defo have some old "classic" ones next month.

    Although ones like Guilmon X and Greymon X seem like they wont be part of the update due not being in the Vpet... which is funny considering they're Greymon and Guilmon.
    Not necessarily since we got Digimon unrelated to X2 like WarGreymon X in previous updates of this year in addition to roster members.

    I don't imagine there being enough Digimon in the roster that aren't already in the DRB to fill up all of the update slots if the updates are going to as big as this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow Hawk View Post
    Today all new X forms are drawn by some new artists at random (Random selection for unknown reasons) seems so much better compared to last time.
    Only we had As'Maria, Naoya, Himeno Kagemaru and unknown artist(s?).

    Honestly I tend to have some hard time to tell which artstyle belong to. Soh who drew Demon X that threw me off for thinking V-Tamer artist returned but no.

    Naoya and Himeno's artstyle sorta are almost similar (More or less). Soh and Nakano Haito's artstyle are really same in some certain areas.

    And I'm still waiting for Jupitermon Wrath Mode and that Junomon, like it's taking forever....
    Apparently the whole point of the X antibodies was to get guest artists to redesign Digimon. The art styles donít really clash in 3D art, but the 2d drawn art does.

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    Lopmon X is so cute, I love them!

    ...I know Holydramon X isn't a newer one or anything, but I find it funny that they look so smooth. Usually, X-Antibody Digimon look more souped up, and yet Holydramon actually seems a little simpler.
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    Aww Lopmon x is adorable! I haven't seen Togemon x before but I love how it looks like Togemon crossed with Ponchomon: Very nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DazzleDream View Post
    Aww Lopmon x is adorable! I haven't seen Togemon x before but I love how it looks like Togemon crossed with Ponchomon: Very nice!
    IKR? So delicious!

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    Ha. Lopmon X. This is awesome. So glad to see this. ...I wonder who would be next?

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