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Thread: Digimon Chronicle X Update- Chapter 17!

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    Digimon Chronicle X Update- Chapter 17!

    Time for more!

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    It's time for the next chapter of Digimon Chronicle X!

    The Digimon X3 and the new Digimon X art book are up to pre-order, so it won't be a surprise with these beginning to get closer to the end...

    But first, for those who need a catch up...

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    Update- Translation has been swapped out for one by onkei.

    Chapter 17- Conquest (this is another title that has a number of alternate translations)

    Examon, who was attacked by the large number of X Digimon under Lilithmon X's control, got infected by the X-program at a rate unbelievably faster than normal.

    Even with as strong a body as Examon had, he couldn't resist the pain of the X-program coursing through his entire body, and it left him covered with wounds.

    "I've grown tired of this. I'll finish you off with a piercing strike!"
    Lilthmon X's special move, Nazar Nail, approached the battered Examon. However, Lilthmon X's attack was suddenly stopped from fire that seemed to come from nowhere.

    "The Royal Knights are their lights of hope.. According to their wishes, I will not let them disappear!"

    Hououmon X appeared. Flapping its golden wings, it confronted Lilithmon X while protecting Examon.

    Although the sudden appearance of Hououmon X stopped Lilithmon X, Hououmon X was at a disadvantage in a frontal showdown with a Seven Great Demon Lord, and it took on countless hits.
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    "As a Royal Knight... I am such a disgrace!"

    Examon was inspired upon seeing how majestically Hououmon X stood and refused to give up no matter how many times it was hit.

    Examon created X-Antibodies for himself to achieve X-Evolution..
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    "I thank you for your courageous actions!"

    "I couldn't just do nothing, not after being motivated by 'them.'"

    "Who is this 'them' that you keep speaking of? But let us put that aside for now, the counterattack has begun! Let us go together, Hououmon!"

    Hououmon X stood beside Examon X in answer to his call. The two teamed up together to face Lilithmon X and the evil Digimon army.

    Chapter 17 continues on towards a climax!

    Chapter 18 shows as coming October 2nd! (1st for many of us.)

    More to come...
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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    I didn't expect Hououmon of all things to make the save lol, I was assuming Alphamon (Ouryuken?) or Omnimon X would make the save, so that was a nice surprise!

    either it happened just as Examon got his ass kicked... or Lilithmon took forever to try and kill him after defeating him lol. I'm gonna go with Hououmon showed up right away, so Lilithmon wasn't dumb.

    And good, more confirmed chapters. When I looked 20 mins ago they actually had no greyed out "next chapter" thing so I was like wut!

    I actually enjoyed this chapter the most so far for some reason, I think cuz Hououmon X making the save was a genuine surprise.

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    I'm going digital Grovyle48's Avatar
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    The Hououmon X appearing was kinda random, but hey, I guess it's a new form.
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    I come from the net
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    Same here. Houhoumon X appearing was huge surprise. But who will purify Cherubimon and Ofanimon?!

    Houhoumon X got ten Holy rings. Wow I sorta missed the quad wings. It could be upgraded instead of thigh wings. But she is very beautiful so I accept!

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    I'm going digital Vaioumon's Avatar
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    Examon just spontaneously making its own X-Antibody, lol. If it was taking on an army on its own before, with the upgrade and back up, Lilithmon is toast.

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    Ain't got no mojo... Cenrji's Avatar
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    Hououmon X...?! Wowza, a lot of surprises today...

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    Ain't got no mojo... Katsu Hikaru's Avatar
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    That is honestly sweet and cool for Hououmon X to defend Examon like that it's nice to see Digimon still think highly of the Royal Knights.

    And dam Examon just created his own X antibody that's pretty strange but awesome though not surprised since he is stated to be the strongest of them all in terms of raw power in Cyber Sleuth.

    I assume Alphamon and Omegamon X will take on Lucemon X makes me wonder if he can still go Satan mode because i can see them winning with him saying "Fools this isn't even my final form!!!" but I'm not going to get my hopes up I'm probably wrong and Lucemon X could just be it.
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    Updated with a better translation.
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    Might be a coincidence, but the wings on Phoenixmon X remind me a lot of the cross patterns on Meicoomon (and subsequent evolutions).

    At first it seems kinda like a random choice, but Phoenixmon's whole motif has a lot in common with the X antibodies plot (rising from the dead in a new form, etc.), so I think it's actually thematically appropriate.

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    Junior Commander frankiemon827's Avatar
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    wow!! I'm seriously hooked on this story....my dream is that one day this story will be animated

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