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Thread: Memorial Story short- Medical Student, Jou Kido- Storyboard & Synopsis

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    Memorial Story short- Medical Student, Jou Kido- Storyboard & Synopsis

    Another preview!

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    The Digimon Adventure Twitter put up another preview of a Memorial Short, this time from the third one, 'Medical Student, Jou Kido'.

    First up is the text as given on the Twitter...

    Jou, who would once faint at the sight of blood, is now in his 5th year of medical school.

    He's busy every day and can't often see Gomamon, who feels lonely about that but wants to be helpful to Jou and goes to Agumon for advice.

    "We have to find out just how much Jou's grown!"

    And then we have the text shown on the storyboard itself.

    Action: His upper body is stooped over from panting hard
    Line: This is bad! At this rate, Jou won't become a successful doctor!

    From the preview... this one might involve some shenanigans with Gomamon, which is always fun (if that's what it ends up being.)

    The preview of the first Memorial Story short, To Sora, can be found here.

    Thanks to onkei for the translations.
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    Jou originally fainting at the sight of blood made me think of this:


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    That's interesting. Joe always has worked too hard. But that is like a doctor.

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    Going to Agumon for advice always works out.

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