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Thread: Which evolutions are canon?

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    Okay, so the digimon evolution line I came up with is
    ->Tukaimon(Digimon next order, sunburst, and moonlight)
    ->Witchmon(Bo-1003, Digimon Masters)
    ->BelphemonSM(Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Linkz, and Hacker's Memory)
    ->BelphemonRM X-Antibody

    Digimon Reference guide shows that BelphemonRM is about half the height of Examon when he's standing up instead of crouching.
    Digimon Savers showed Belphemon can increase his size (probably indefinitely) by at least 2 fold by absorbing energy such as electricity so he can be as big as or possibly taller than Examon.
    Digimon Savers showed Belphemon can shoot beams out of his mouth and dark wind blasts out of his hands even though these attacks have no name.
    Digimon Savers showed how Lampranthus looks like even if it's shot out from BelphemonSM
    Digimon Cyber Sleuth showed how Gift of Darkness looks like. And possibly the other cards.
    Tailmon/Gatomon showed partner digimon can stay as champions indefinitely instead of rookies. Also XROS wars showed a Witchmon as a partner digimon.
    Digimon Savers showed BelphemonRM can smile, and when he does he looks absolutely terrifying! Digimon Cyber Sleuth showed BelphemonRM is an Ultra (aka Super Ultimate) level digimon.

    I prefer SkullGreymon as the perfect form but alas I cannot find a way to get him to become Belphemon without relying on jogress/fusion.

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    Canon does seem like a loose term, given that they're all technically official media. Given the fact that a large number of Digimon don't really have a tailored evolution nor pre-evolution, it's often just open to interpretation.
    There is however evolutions that we do accept it as the main one, because they are commonly used with a specific in mind (and/or featured in the anime), such as Betamon evolving into Seadramon. I also would like to think it could just be simply out of a popularity contest on what's considered "mainline", but you can still interpret it in any way you like. Like, little may know that Angemon was initially unrelated to Patamon prior to the anime, Patamon would've normally evolved into Unimon as the default evolution and wouldn't have evolved into Angemon at all, despite both Digimon debutting from the same line of V-Pets (Digital Monster). Wonder if that's why they introduced Pegasusmon later.

    It's also probably should be said, the evolutions used into alternatives aren't always completely random. Usually there may be a matching type involved, part of a similar group, from the same V-Pet, or maybe simply by a likeness in design/concept, since Digimon tend to be designed in groups with similar traits. It's actually no coincidence that Holydramon and Saberleomon do look alike, or how Gazimon and Gizamon's names are practically anagrams of each other.

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    Removed the accidental double posts.
    Also, as Vande pointed out earlier, for the lines themselves we have a specific thread: https://withthewill.net/threads/1795...ationships-V-4

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    Talking back to a member of staff is never going to end well. I've removed the post. I strongly suggest you don't re post it or similar.

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