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Thread: How Digimon Saved My Life

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    How Digimon Saved My Life

    My cat passed away last Saturday, the seventh.

    She wasn’t particularly old; she just stopped eating. We were all in a deep state of mourning. I was only able to eat one meal a day — I still am, really.

    The only thing I was able to do with my free time was binge-play Digimon Cyber Sleuth. In one week, I had gone from 10 hours of gameplay to over 45 (mostly training to defeat Machinedramon…) It was during this time that I learned of the DLC for this game, and the fact that it had been discontinued.

    I was working feverishly, struggling to devise a way to access it via the Singapore PSN, or perhaps looking for a European copy of the game, when last night, I learned of the version coming for Nintendo Switch — having both versions, and with DLC for both already available.

    It made me so…happy. It was the first time I had smiled since Saturday.

    You must understand, before my cat had even gotten sick, I was suffering from deep depression — self harm and the like. My cat’s passing damn near pushed me over the edge. There’s no telling what I may have done to myself in the deplorable state that I was in; skin lacerations, or perhaps a way to end it all…but then, I found happiness.

    The point isn’t the Digimon game in and of itself. The point is, that I was able to find some form of joy in my life after what had happened. And considering the terrible condition I was in, how close I was to ending everything, I daresay it is no exaggeration to say this:

    Digimon saved my life.
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    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    I feel ya. Digimon (especially anime) has helped me out with issues like depression and self-doubt and grief from someone close passing away and stuff too and you are definitely not alone in this

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    I'm really, really sorry to hear about what happened to your cat, but I can also honestly relate to having Digimon as a bit of a cope mechanism too...

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    Sorry about your cat. I can relate too. I came from a very abusive situation in my early childhood. Long story short, digimon had taught me a lot about love, friendship and the courage to try your hardest everyday to survive.

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