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Thread: Robert Axelrod has Passed, English Voice of Armadillomon and Wizardmon

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    Robert Axelrod has Passed, English Voice of Armadillomon and Wizardmon

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    Information has just started to go around, but we've found out that Robert Axelrod has passed.

    To Digimon fans, Axelrod would be best known as Armadillomon (and his evolutions Ankylomon and Shakkoumon) in the dub of Adventure 02 and Wizardmon in Adventure, among other characters.

    He was probably best known to most overall as Lord Zedd from Power Rangers, along with monster creator Finster and a number of other monsters.

    Axelrod hadn't been well for an extended period of time (recovering from a major surgery that had complications), and the post from Sheryl Mandel (his publicist) suggests it was just the extended period of not being well...

    My closest friend and client dear Robert Axelrod has passed away. His poor body could not fight anymore....

    While he was still healthy he used to often go to conventions sharing many stories with anyone who showed up to his panels. He would often have everyone who showed up come to the front rows and fill up the seats there and just use his time to tell stories of his years on Digimon, Power Rangers, and other shows fans wanted to hear about.

    Thanks to Sheryl Mandel and Barbara Goodson for the news and Sam Almighty for the heads up.
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    Oh no!

    It is such a shame that he probably never got to reprise his role as Armadillomon for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution - Kizuna. On Twitter, I posted a Tweet addressed to him to tell him about Armadillomon being in Kizuna and he Retweeted it with a comment one day short of three weeks later:


    May Mr. Axelrod rest in peace.

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    seriously another Digimon voice actor passed away??? RIP. I dont think I can forget his voice of Wiwardmon in Adventure

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    Terrible news. T_T

    Rest in Peace.

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    With how ill he'd been as of late, it didn't come as a surprise. But this one does hurt a fair bit...RIP.

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    I come from the net
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    And we as a fandom worked hard donating to him. ...A few VAs past in the last month or half month huh. That's something though. Something sad.

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    RIP Armadillomon & Wizardmon.

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    Two in a week, geeze.


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    Wizardmon had a profound impact on my childhood and while I never made the connection Armadillomon was also voiced by him it was always an adorable voice to hear. I tend not to look into VA's or actors too much out of the fear that some of them are just people doing their job well and may not care about their image or fan interaction beyond that. I'm glad to hear that Robert Axelrod was a kind man who enjoyed his fans, best wishes to the family, Rest in Peace.

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