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Information from a small number of voice actors and others in the industry has gone around that Michael Lindsay has passed.

To Digimon fans, Lindsay would be best known as Joe and Greymon in the dub of Digimon Adventure and 02. He also played the Gennai clone Benjamin and Gotsumon in Data Squad.

Lesser known was that he was actually the original English voice of Agumon, only used in the first 2 episodes, before the role went to Tom Fahn.

On top of his Digimon roles, Lindsay had a number of notable roles prior to his retirement from voice acting a number of years ago including Urahara in Bleach, Kankuro in Naruto, and Yuu in Marmalade Boy.

Further details aren't available at this time.

Thanks to Trevor Dylan, Rob Benoit, and Marissa Lenti for the news.