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Thread: Memorial Story short, To Sora- Storyboards & Dialogue

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    Memorial Story short, To Sora- Storyboards & Dialogue

    A bit of a preview....

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    The Digimon Adventure Twitter put up a couple storyboards for the first Digimon Adventure Memorial Story short, To Sora, along with a bit of text of the beginning.

    First up is the text as given on the Twitter...

    Sora is concentrating on her flower arranging studies.
    "Are you not going today, again?" She isn't moved by Piyomon's voice.
    She hasn't been seeing the others lately.
    "Sora-san, are you well?"
    At the sound of Mimi's voice through the phone, she can't help but smile.

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    11 years since their first adventure in the digital world.
    The prequel to the movie.

    And then we have the text shown on the storyboards itself.

    Storyboard 1:
    ACTION: Speaks to Sora as she works.
    DIALOGUE: Piyomon (back shown): "Are you not going today, again?"

    Storyboard 2:
    PICTURE: Eiffel tower in the background
    ACTION: Mimi on the smartphone screen
    DIALOGUE: Mimi (tel): "Ah.. Sora-san? It's been awhile~ Are you well?"

    This one being confirmed as the prequel bit would suggest it's the one that will end up streamed out of the 5.

    Update- Translations have been cleaned up thanks to onkei.
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    Hooray for Sora wearing her kimono in the first Memorial Story short~!

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    Yay! This is good to see. Can't wait for the shorts.

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    I can't wait for this, going to be exciting.
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    If this is going to be a prequel to the film, i hope we will get this and all the other shorts on the blu-ray release, otherwise everyone outside of japan will not be able to watch them legally.

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    Updated the article with better and expanded translations.
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