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Thread: Ultimate Image Omegamon X Figure up to Pre-Order

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    Quote Originally Posted by flintlock View Post
    Does anyone have a review of the Merciful Mode figure? I remember seeing pictures and he didnt seem to turn out well so I need to know before I consider this.
    Merciful Mode is pretty good. The sculpt itself is on-point, and the support structures are pretty unobtrusive (it has a stand and an extra thing for the wings, like I imagine this one will have an extra thing for the sword arm). One of the biggest issues is the material; it's relatively flexible rubber/plastic, so while that makes it really unique, it also means that certain things aren't really designed for the kind of posing that it does; I'm just now having issues with Merciful Mode's wings not staying put and otherwise falling off. Plus some of the more protruding bits (like horns) tend to get bent out of shape in the packaging and it's a pain to flex them back.

    So overall not a home-run, but on par with the quality of the rest of the Capsule Mascot line.

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    Does this figure articulate? Like the d arts omegamon figurine or is it just a statue?

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    June 2020? That's way too far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennykimchi94 View Post
    Does this figure articulate? Like the d arts omegamon figurine or is it just a statue?
    Just a statue. Nothing poseable. They appear to have put the action figures on the backburner for now, Hatsune Miku notwithstanding.

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    Very nice statue but I'm up in the air if I'll wait until it releases or preorder it. I already have both Omegamon X and War Greymon X painted statues released a few years ago (still don't have Black War Greymon X) so I'm undecided but will end getting it if I know me. The first Omegamon X pre-painted kit was articulated so it could be posed once I replaced the weak plastic ball joints it came with metal ones for more stability. Figure collecting has become so expensive these days.
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