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Thread: Recommended email requests for V.A. reprisals in Eng Dub of Digimon Kizuna

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    Recommended email requests for V.A. reprisals in Eng Dub of Digimon Kizuna

    For those interested in letting the dubbing companies know that you want some of the original voice actors for Digimon 02 to be in the English dub of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, I found a couple of email addresses to use:

    • contact@studiopolisinc.com (Studiopolis Inc., responsible for the tri. Dubs and previous Digimon shows, likely candidate to dub Kizuna)

    I tested both out weeks ago in a respectful and polite manner. And while there weren't any replies, I figure they keep things internal when going over the fan emails, which they do read them from time to time.

    Here are some voice actors who are still active in the industry and are aware of the film:

    • Neil Kaplan (Hawkmon) - He retweeted a fan tweet about the news, and said that he recommends us to send emails to the companies responsible for the overseas release (both production company and dubbing company). The two emails above are close to what he refers to.
    • Paul St. Peter (Wormmon) - He made things clear in panels and on Twitter that he would love to play Wormmon again as he's still working in the industry (as he voiced Leomon in Digimon Tri.)
    • Derek Stephen Prince - (Ken and Veemon) - It's no brainer that Derek is eager to return to Digimon. He even crashed into a Digimon tri. AX panel asking Joshua, Colleen, and Jeff on whether or not Ken will properly appear. Seems likely he's available as he's still in the Naruto franchise dubbing the latest show: Boruto (dubbed by Studiopolis).
    • Brian Donovan (Davis) - I couldn't find any tweets or comments by him, but he's still in the industry voicing in Naruto just like Derek in Studiopolis. So it seems he has a shot.

    And saved for the last:

    • Michael Reisz (OG Matt) - This one is pretty tricky given Matt's voice was replaced by Vic Mignogna in the Digimon Tri films. Just now, Michael commented on the reason he wasn't returning despite him expressing interests. He respected that decision since then. But that said, he said he is open to return if something changes in Toei and Studiopolis. This could be in light of the Vic Mignogna allegations and lawsuits happening for many months (not speaking for Michael if he is aware or not).
      • Generally, when making Michael Reisz requests, there shouldn't be any hateful comments on Mignogna or one sided bias against another actor as it could persuade both of them that we're just petty on the recast. It's best to politely request Michael to return and explain why, given this might be the last movie, and you have much better fond memories. Perhaps he can return that could spark the Tai and Matt back and forth conversations like in the show only as adults this time. Something positive about Michael he can do with Matt in the film without mentioning Mignogna.

    These are the core Voice Actors I recommend adding them in your emails, simply list them you would like to hear return and explain why you want them back whenever possible.

    I believe this has happened to Joshua Seth (Tai) when he let his fans know about considering returning, and they miraculously bombarded Toei and Studiopolis with enthusiastic emails and social media buzz on his return and he got the part (plus Jeff Nimoy's comedic breaking of NDA before Toei announced the dub that got Joshua notified ironically).

    As for other voice actors like Tifanie Christun (Yolei), Lara Jill Miller (OG Kari), Philece Sampler (Cody), etc., some of them have retired from voice acting to pursue other career paths/interests (mostly Tifanie Christun and Michael Lindsay). The rest it seems, those in the Tri. Cast will carry over to the Kizuna film. Though it wouldn't hurt to mention them, just keep in mind with the realities for the casting process and the actors' current status in the industry.

    In where I see this play out until Toei announces the dub within some months, I do assume though that just like the tri. films, Toei and Studiopolis would originally plan to use the new voice actors for the DigiDestined, but keep the original voice actors for the Digimon Partners just like the Japanese version. But with fan demand, half of the human characters returned.

    So it's likely most of the 02 Digimon Partners' voice actors will return just as the Season 1 Digimon Partners did (except for Biyomon and Gatomon due to them either retired or not active). As for Davis and the others, they would go for the similar route Tai and the gang have on getting some of them back based on fan demand or availability (Brian and Derek being the likely candidates as they are still working), while re-casting the rest based on availability or aging up the voices. Or if they just go ahead and recast most of the characters, well we'll just have to deal with what we got anyway, while still being respectful in those decisions.

    All that being said, there aren't any guarantees that some of them will return due to schedule, status, etc. And with the movie set to be released this Spring 2020, they could be starting the casting process or are already recording (given Japan and America release gap are more closer than previous films). So do whatever you can to email them on who you would like to hear them return.

    If anyone has other suggestions, feel free to chime in whatever ideas you have as long as they're not violating anything.
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    Didn't Michael Lindsay want to come back, though?
    This is just a note to say that I'm on the Autism Spectrum (Annoyingly, I was never told whether it was 'just' high-functioning autism, or Asperger's syndrome), so if I don't make sense, or am incoherent, please ask what it is I mean politely. Thank you~

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Chaos Entity View Post
    Didn't Michael Lindsay want to come back, though?
    I took Lindsay out after finding out that he passed away. Sad to hear about that. We'll miss him.

    Just updated that Robert Axelrod (Armadillomon and Wizardmon) has passed away. So I’ve taken him out of the list. May he RIP
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    There are some alternatives to some of these missing VAs. In the episode "Invasion of the Daemon Corps", Bridget Hoffman voiced Yolei.

    This might be a good opportunity to age up Cody a little (much like Wendee Lee's replacement in Season 2). My suggestion would be Casey Mongillo. They are the current voice of Shinji on Evangelion.

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    I think Kyle Hebert will be perfect to voice Armadillomon. He done Dorulumon and Ballistamon in the Fusion. Right now, he is doing an anime call Boruto.

    We could get Kyle's Boruto partner, Ben Diskin to do Cody. He have done Shoutmon in Fusion.

    The two know about Digimon and should be perfect to fit in the roles.
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