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Thread: October V-Jump- Kizuna, Memorial Shorts, Cyber Sleuth, and Figures!

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    October V-Jump- Kizuna, Memorial Shorts, Cyber Sleuth, and Figures!

    V-Jump time!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    It's just about time for the October issue of V-Jump to come out and we have everything!

    We got the biggest news from it a bit early (and in more detail), but there are still some interesting things to go over.

    The first spread starts by going over the 02 characters appearing in Kizuna. Nothing super new here, but nice to have it show up prominently on the first page.

    After that we get an interview on the other page. It's a bit hard to make out, but it appears to be Adventure character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. Hopefully we can get this translated soon. One visual bit of note is what appears to be a look at Nakatsuru's designs for the 02 kids.

    Update- The interview has been translated and posted in it's own thread.

    At the bottom we get a little bit about the LB Pop-Up Theater store, which is where the new shorts will be screened, and of course, the site of a new pop-up shop.

    There is also a small bit talking about the Sky Garden collaboration and to keep an eye out for other things on the official site.

    On to the second spread!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This begins with a Cyber Sleuth section going over characters for the Switch release. Underneath it appears to be details of a contest to win a copy of the game and have it show up on release day.

    The western release of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Complete Edition for Switch is currently available to pre-order for $50 on Amazon: (Affiliate link)
    Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Complete Edition (Nintendo Switch)

    The game is out on October 18th in the west.

    On the other side we get a handful of items...

    First they go over the various Adventure content showing up in ReArise, including Armagemon, along with Meicoomon and her evolutions.

    We also get our first solid look at the Ultimate Image X figure of Omegamon X, along with some details about the figure:
    It's based on new artwork by As'Maria, which can also be seen.
    The first is roughly 11.8 inches tall.
    More details will arrive later in August.

    The final corner is taken showing off the upcoming Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kits, which are scheduled to be out in October. The US releases of them will be a bit later in December: (Affiliate links)
    Figure-rise Standard WarGreymon Amplified
    Figure-rise Standard Omegamon Amplified

    And the last little bit at the bottom is a teaser for the Digimon X3, but then we've gotten quite a bit of info about that before V-Jump showed up!

    Thanks to TechnicalSuwako for the images.
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    Ain't got no mojo... Katsu Hikaru's Avatar
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    I truly have high hopes last evolution will be a good movie though i do want another anime after it since we haven't gotten on in Years unless u count the spin off Digimon universe.

    Also that new image for Omegamon X looks absolutely awesome can't wait to see a full scale image of it probably use it for my discord account.

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    Seeing Ken Ichijouji in sandals on the left page of the first spread amused me.

    Yay, I'm a Red Shirt now~!
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    I come from the net
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    Omegamon X's second figure already looked the best... That pose is so Boss!

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    Nice to see the new Omegamon X artwork and figure, but this really does feel like they're sweeping Digivolving Spirits under the rug, which is sad.

    Loving the new 2 character designs, still.

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    I'm very intrigued by the Omegamon X figure.... and these X3 (though i'd love a better screen like with the Original X and Pendulum Progress)
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