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Thread: Digimon anime needs to up its action..

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    Digimon anime needs to up its action..

    When I look at pokemon and naruto, then move into digimon, the action here seems really weak in comparison, in between action there is alot of drama between digidestined and their emotions, the digimon going back and forth with evolutions, the viewer seeing them over and over repeatedly its irritating, cant the action just continue and the digidestined supporting their digimon from behind, it does not help that ones that cool evolution takes place, e.g. omnimon merciful mode, the action just ends there without there being more awesome seens revolving around it. It would be nice if omnimon mm toyed around a bit with ordinemon to show of how strong he has become in that new form.

    With that said there have been few good actions like the dynasmon and mercadesmon vs emperorgreymon and magnagarurumon, the clash between royal knights and raguelmon etc.. but even those don't last long.
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