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Thread: My experiences so far playing Digital Monster Card Game - Ver. WonderSwan Color

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    My experiences so far playing Digital Monster Card Game - Ver. WonderSwan Color

    So I got my hands on the Digimon Card game for the Wonderswan color. I don't speak Japanese, but fortunately somebody put the card translations on gamefaqs, and the card-based gameplay is almost identical to the Hyper Colosseum rules that I'm quite familiar with.

    My biggest gripe is that I don't have enough cards to build a good deck. You get cards when you win, and a smaller amount when you lose, so technically I could just grind the encounters until I get enough cards, but that really doesn't appeal to me.

    I beat the trainers from Digimon Tamers a few times each (Takato et al.), then Impmon showed up out of nowhere and has been trouncing me repeatedly. I could just accept the loss and move on, but again, that doesn't appeal to me.

    Impmon's Impmon deck has an overpowered Beelzemon card that he can whip out whenever you digivolve to Perfect or Ultimate. If you manage to avoid that pitfall and build a deck to buff a Level IV digimon he'll pull out some Support Digimon that greatly boost his power one turn each and an Item card (the motorcycle The Behemoth) that boosts his power for a moderate amount for his entire lifespan (roughly 10 turns, give or take), turning draws into wins for him. If you manage to get around that, he has a card that can turn your win into a draw, moving both of you one small step towards losing.

    I will beat him.

    EDIT: Eff this; I'll take the loss.
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    I played that game a while back. I think I eventually got to the part where you battle the Adventure kids, and probably got stuck there. It's been too long for me to provide any useful strategic information. All I remember is that I relied heavily on a Chimairamon card I happened to pick up. I could evolve it to Deathmon if I needed to, but generally the Chimairamon was more useful as it was.
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