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Thread: 20 Years since Digimon Premiered in English

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    I watched the first season till the end, abit of 2nd season, on and off on the rest, and then I forgot about it even exists, until gracenovamon appeared before me, i cant stop looking at that design, its unfathomable to think such an sexy design exists in a family of hideous creatures, the designs have improved alot lately though, it has made me fall in love with digimon ones more, again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    I'm not sure of the exact date, but I caught the anime, however it would've been a re-run, because whilst enjoying it my parents picked up Digimon World 1, which appears to have come out in 2001 for Europe, so I guess that's when I first saw it. Makes sense too, since I saw 01 and 02 back to back as a kid and I recall seeing Tamers not too long afterwards, so I guess I didn't see it as early as everyone else lol, but on the flip side I did get to have World 1 and three seasons of the anime in quite the fast succession and then spent most of my childhood, and even life, replaying those PS1 games and then moving up to DS (I never did get any of the GBA games other than Battle Spirit 2, which had Frontier which didn't air in the UK so I was confused and didnt play it lol). I suppose it was beneficial I got to see them all in a row like that, as it did help me become more of a fan than waiting for years... I guess. It seems it was around April 2001 or so, as I specifically remember getting World 1 as a "easter gift", lol. and then my first play session, I got a Nanimon... and never got a Nanimon in world 1 again. Shame. Nice memories though, oh my absolute number one franchise that I have sunk waaaaay too many hours in.
    Actually met my fiance through mutual love of Digimon, so it's definitely been a big part of my life these past 20 years. Watched tri and Appmon for the first time with him and it was great. We're both looking forward to Last Evolution Kizuna.
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    So my memory WAS right and it was around August. Ha ha
    I found it by pure accident by channel surfing and it was middle of the episode with Etemon vs Greymon and I got hooked. Thankfully Fox aired two episodes at a time during it's weekday programming after school. Caught the first three seasons on Fox and the fourth on UPN. Didn't see Data Squad or Fusion during its initial run since cable and internet weren't as available back then. Thankfully caught Data Squad on youtube (before it was removed) and Fusion on Netflix.
    Still have my Emperor's Last Sand VHS and Digimon the Movie DVD.
    Still have all my old transforming toys up until Fusion, along with all the plushies I've collected over the years. Found some old picture books recently and WOW are those screenshots bad. And sheesh it's like every year there's more reminders how old I am...
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    I remember seeing the commercials for this new series called Digimon and thinking this is nothing but a copy of Pokémon, I was about 9 years old. I never really had any intention of watching Digimon, until one of my family members got me a Digimon VHS tape by accident, I asked for a Pokémon VHS for Christmas. I guess it was pure coincidence how I got into Digimon. But the very first episode I did experiment with on Fox Kids was the episode where Matt and Joe were at the diner working for Vegimon, I remember thinking this is weird but it’s not that bad. After a while it became really easy to watch the episodes on Fox Kids in reruns, and very easy to keep up with. Pokémon episodes aired in pretty random order, while Digimon had a story that started from beginning to end. Half way through the Myotismon arc is when I think I got sucked into Digimon, and wanted all the cool toys and merchandise.

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    I never watched it when it first aired, as i was just born XD. But a few years later, around 2007/08 i saw the original anime on vhs tapes at a friends house.
    I could not get enough, but luckily for me and my friend Data Squad just started airing a few weeks after haha

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    I started watching Digimon during episode 4 when Birdramon first appeared. I have this friend (one of my oldest friends now) who always lies or exaggerates. This is literally what he told me when I asked about Digimon.
    "Oh. It's about a boy named Sash. And his Digimon C-chu and they go on adventures together trying to get all of the Digimon."
    And I was like. "I will never watch this show."
    But hey, on Saturday morning when you're young, what else is there to do? I decided to give it a shot. And instantly it appealed to me. To put a bit of perspective on it, besides WB's Dragon Ball Z (and even then that might not count as much) I started getting into anime when the scifi channel started showing the anime Galaxy Express 999. There was something so much more mature than anything I'd seen in a standard cartoon up to that point that just drew me in. I felt the same way about Digimon Adventure.

    The way Sora and Biyomon were acting. The way they needed actual food in that episode. And the heat seemed like it was going to be a real problem. I was fascinated.

    The term 'coming of age story' to this day feels like it's supposed to be about maturing and growing up. Watching Tai and the others get through these challenges was not only engaging, but it helped shape my growth at that time. In my life it is the only show that I feel embodied coming of age as far as how it helped me. I wanted to write stories about it. I wanted to read stories about it. I wanted. . .to be there. I wanted to help. Like to help. Not just to have a digimon partner, but to help them get through it.

    When Matt was talking about how he wanted himself to Digivolve to the next level. I didn't know it at the time, but at least the way it was interpreted to me he wanted to grow up. But didn't know how to say it. And I wanted it for him as well. And I thought about it for me. I wanted to Digivolve. Not to be a Superman or anything, I was a slight bit too old for that mentality, but there was a level of myself I wanted to reach, like Matt. So even though I'm watching an episode and HATING him for his decisions, I am very invested in the moment and what he's going through.

    And afterwards we (we!) save the world. And it's time to say goodbye. And it really is. I'm never going to have a show like this again. And even when the second season came out (Adventure 02 for us nowadays) I gave it an honest try. And I daresay I enjoyed it to an extent at the time. And things like Ken's backstory and BlackWarGreymon really tugged at my heart strings, I could barely get even 10% of the same enjoyment I had before. For me it truly was a goodbye. I tried Tamers and figured why even bother anymore as I found it less interesting than even 02. And this isn't to rip on the other series, but just to show that there was a connection that I formed 20 years a go with a show. And it's not something I experienced again. And I would never trade that for anything in the world.

    Thank you Digimon. Happy 20th.

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    The first episode of Digimon I ever watched was Piedmon's Last Jest. I remember it leaving such a strong impression, it's still probably my fav episode to date. Angemon digivolving to MagnaAngemon is definitely my favorite moment in Digimon.

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    I was 10 years old at the time and remembering people on my school bus talking about a wanna be pokemon show and calling Patamon a Pikachu/Raichu rip off. The first episode i saw was one of the early ones when they was running from the numemon in the sewers. I been hooked and a digimon fan ever since.

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