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Thread: ReArise Pre-Registration Bonus Numbers Changed

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueX4 View Post
    Yeah, I strongly feel that they are filezilla uc browser rufus just being scummy. There are already fans who are upset due to Linkz. Now this. It sends a negative message to any potential customer. Specially those who where undecided. It sucks I was strongly supporting ReAraise and promoting it among all my friends. Even started to convince some Linkz Boycotters too but now after this move it feels shady.

    Itís frustrating their greed might actually sabotage this games release. The right way would of been to add new rewards (even if small). I hope this doesnít foreshadow that the western version will be p2w...
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    ...I guess I'll prereg but I might not play it. I'm not getting stuck in a Gatcha heck. That freaking Pokemon Shuffle still bothers me. ...Most fun I ever didn't want to do. ...It's not gatcha but still, that's a lot of buying stuff.

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