Err I was trying to say on my first impression on its moveset: At first I thought this MetalGreymon (Virus) X still kept the same old attacks of "Giga Destroyer" and "Metal Slash" and added new transformable Mode part on its Trident Arm, "Alteros" said to have two Modes but it didn't say Blitz/Blast so I assumed that metal claw is simply "Normal" Mode and Railgun mode. Until this new translation arrived and it surprised me, X profile still kept the same old profile of non-X form. That non-X profile still haven't added its attack moveset... And X profile didn't say anything about old attacks so it led me to think X only have two Modes as its new moveset while discarding "Giga Destroyer" due to its chest being remodeled in MegaloGrowmon X's cannon chest appearance-like and "Metal Slash" is just simply... Renamed into "Blitz" mode.

Did I make it clear? No? If not, then forget it... I only just type on what I said in my thoughts.