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Thread: Translated Digimon Hyper Colosseum cards

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    Translated Digimon Hyper Colosseum cards

    I wrote several programs and did a bunch of design work to turn the files from the wikimon site into actual, usable cards.

    Cards hosted on Imgur (76 MB total)

    Photos of the cards printed out. I drastically underestimated how much space 273 cards takes up. : P

    In case you're wondering how I came up with the number 273, it's every card produced before 2000; the first two starter decks and the first three booster sets. Any further than that and power creep starts setting in.

    I also generated a starter set from much later in HC's lifetime that dealt mostly with X-Antibody and the Four Heavenly Beasts. I wouldn't recommend mixing cards between it and the previous sets I generated, but they're there if you want them.

    Finally, I generated a V-mon line that diverges from the existing cards, both because I wanted a deck without any power creep and because I wanted a 4-form Magnamon line. I'm proud of it. I made the cards green to differentiate them from the cards that are direct translations of actual existing cards.
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