It's almost here!

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Pre-registration has begun for Digimon ReArise!

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Update- Digimon ReArise is also listed on the App Store, you might just have to scroll down the list to find it if you search for it (the direct link earlier in this sentence should make it easier though.)

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In addition, iOS lists that the expected release date is October 21st. This is likely a stand in date, but with a lot of people expecting it to pop-up 'around' August 1st, it's likely a bit of sharp disappointment to see a date further off.

More to come...

Update- A couple more things...

An English trailer and an English website. The site has various translated details from the Japanese site.

The pre-registarion bonus gifts will be...

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10k- Punching ball and portable potty decorations for your DigiTown, plus 20 DigiRubies.
30k- A set of care items, a Digicode set, and 30 DigiRubies.
50k- A DigiEgg that grows into Pumpkinmon and digivolves into a new Mega Digimon. Plus a Tram car decoration and 50 digirubies.

Some promotional images from the store pages.