A few different things to go over...

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First up, a new flyer for Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna is apparently making the rounds after DigiFes.

At first we thought it was a postcard until a tweet by GraffArt mentioned they had begun to give them away.

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The other side of the flyer, and a photo from GraffArt of them.

The text from the side showing the Adventure-style/era art, translated to English thanks to onkei:
Do you remember that special summer when they first met?

There have been dangers that fall upon the digital world and the human world again and again. Seeing the everyday life that comes after they overcome each crisis, both human and Digimon begin to see the beginnings of a coexistence between their two vastly different lifeforms.

During these developments, the now university student Chosen Children regroup to face a threat that involves the entire world once more.
Their long adventure that began in the summer of 1999 is about to reach its end.

This is the last story of "Taichi Yagami and Agumon (and co.)" that takes place just before the Chosen Children become adults

Some fun teaser text, and nice that they sort of add in that even though they are adults in age, they're still growing up into who they will become.

Thanks to nak_3122 for the other photos of the flyer.

Then we have a small bit of fan participation...

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For the upcoming screening of the Diablomon films, they are collecting questions from fans (just about those 2 movies.) Kenji Watanabe and Seki Hiromi will answer the selected questions.

To have the question be noticed to be potentially answered, ask your question and include the following 2 hashtags- #デジモン #横浜メモリアル

Prior information about the screening is here.

Then last up, some wrap up for DigiFes. Various images and a general press write-up was posted to a number of sites in Japan. (We may add more translated details below later.)

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Some various bits that were talked about at DigiFes, but haven't generally been detailed very well...

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The display shows a bit more new art of the 02 Digimon with their new Kizuna designs, plus the new 02 actors being introduced.

In addition, some minimal details about the scene with the 02 kids they showed. It was apparently they saying hello to Miyako after not seeing her for a bit due to her studies.

Natsuki Hanae talked about how Taichi and Yamato are now college students, and how they even go to a bar/pub to drink alcohol, and have a talk between themselves.

Sakamoto jokes that Agumon plays an active part and talks about more than his stomach.

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The entire cast read a short audio drama 'Another August 1st', about the Digimon holding a meeting to surprise their partners, and give awards to each partner.

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Miyazaki and AiM sung a Digimon song medley, as was previously announced, and the entire arena sang along with Butter-Fly.

A few more photos...

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The event ended up running over 2 and a half hours.

The last thing...

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The results of the fan vote they had done for DigiFes!

They included not just the fan vote questions, but a few cast specific ones also. Thanks to onkei for translations and ca37313cw for the detailed list.

The answers were split between both showings of DigiFes.

From the afternoon show...

Fan vote for Coolest Battle Scene:
1) Omegamon vs. Diablomon
2) vs. Apocalymon
3) vs. VenomVamdemon

Cast vote for which human character they want to be for the day:
1) Koushiro
2) Yamato
3) Mimi, Hikari (Tie)

Cast vote for coolest Digimon:
1) Angemon
2) Angewomon
3) WarGreymon, Omegamon, Devimon (Tie) ...they apparently put up a photo of Vamdemon instead of Devimon, the MC joked that he would berate the staff later.

Fan vote for the song they want as their own theme song:
1) Brave Heart
2) Butter-Fly
3) The Biggest Dreamer

From the evening show...

Fan vote of favorite scene:
1) Last episode of Adventure (the train departing)
2) Last episode of 02 (vs. BelialVamdemon)
3) Last episode of Frontier (Kouichi)

Cast vote of human character that they admire most:
1) Taichi
2) Mimi
3) Gennai

Cast vote of Digimon they would want as their partner:
1) Hawkmon
2) Piyomon, Patamon, Tailmon, Wormmon, Leomon (Tie)

Fan vote of favorite song
1) Butter-Fly
2) Brave Heart
3) The Biggest Dreamer

Good wrap-up for DigiFes (and nice to see Hawkmon getting some love.)