A fun Sunday surprise!

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At DigiFes 2019, they sold a booklet/pamphlet that among many things, including comments and answered questions from various staff members.

Director Kakudou has shared his comments regarding Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02 that went into the book, and we already have a full translation of them!

The tweet also included a small message for the fans explaining his sharing of it:
Currently, there will be many people enjoying themselves during DigiFes, but many will also not be participating. Since I was requested for just a comment for the pamphlet, I shall post it.

He shared them as 3 images in a tweet, they will be posted and quoted in the order they were.

-For the 20th Anniversary of Adventure, please leave a message for the fans who still love the work.
I think that 02 is included in it to make it one series as a whole. There are many people who admire the words 'chosen children', but it not only meant having a partner Digimon, but also to be obliged as their duty to fight for the digital world. The children that saw the TV series back then, even without having to go through those fights, are all adults now with a lot of things happening in their lives. It would be nice if the Digimon were of some help to each of you. May you and your Digimon partner always be together.

Digimon Adventure 02 in 2000

-Please tell us about the ideas behind production and the feelings that were put into it at the time.
There wasn't much precedent in the world for a sequel that takes place three years from now, and it was a challenge with regards to it being set in the near future from when it aired. That there are enemies in the human world, of the real world, on top of enemies of the digital world was also so the world could be expanded.

-As a sequel, are there any parts from the previous series where you went "I'm going to change that here?"
The end of the first series got heavy, so I began [the next] by having it viewed in a brighter perspective. It ended up getting even heavier mid-series though, since there's no way to get away from the problems of life.

-Do you have a favorite episode or episodes?
Just from the episodes that I was in charge of, the 13th and the last episodes. Hikarigaoka, which was used as a continuing stage from the first series, ended up being the place where Toei Animation temporarily moved to the following year due to rebuilding their offices. I found that to be a strange twist of fate.

Digimon Adventure in 1999

-Please tell us about the ideas behind production and the feelings that were put into it at the time.
I started it by putting in as much as possible... all the interesting parts from TV, manga, books, etc. that I had been entertained by when I was a child, so that hopefully I could convey those feelings to the children back then.

-Please tell us your favorite episode or episodes. Please also give a reason.
I was very careful that every child and Digimon on the regular cast were equally active, so being able to do that with other characters, such as their family and Wizarmon, were both good and the parts that I like.

-Please tell us your favorite memory with the cast.
At the all-series goodbye party that included all four series up to Frontier, we said to meet again in 10 and 20 years, but I'm shocked that it actually happened. There are some people who we can't meet again, but I'm grateful that everyone treasures those days.

It's always fun to hear Director Kakudou's thoughts, as he often speaks in an unguarded way, and it's great to get these tidbits from him.

Huge thanks to onkei for the quick translation.