A couple updates...

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A few different things to go over here. First is new key art above! It's a fun little party image.

Onto details of the crowdfunding project, which was less formally announced a few days ago.

Translation on these will be cleaned up later.

The new project, including the crowdfunding that was announced is the 'Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Memorial Story Project'.

They're stories that couldn't be depicted in Last Evolution. A series of short vignettes about the everyday life of some of the adult chosen children and their Digimon. Roughly 5 minutes each for 5 stories.

The idea behind doing crowdfunding for it was to simply allow them to be given directly to fans, rather than make them limited viewing specials at places (anyone who has missed out on various brand's special animations that only get shown at special events, places, etc. will know this is annoying. We didn't get the CGI ride animation shorts for almost a decade for example.)

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There will be a Digimon shop on the 6th floor of the Shibuya Parco in late November. This will be a new pop-up store called the LB Pop-Up Theater, which will have a mini theater room in it. The Digimon store will be the opening/first content for this new Limited Base store, and the new shorts will be screened in the theater room.

The crowdfunding will be for Blu-rays of the shorts, rather than leaving them as limited screening content as mentioned above. In addition, crowdfunders can get entry to an early screening of Last Evolution Kizuna, an invitation to a post-recording of the Memorial Shorts (neither onkei or I are familiar with the way this is worded, we believe it's likely going to the studio and seeing the actors record the final dialogue for the shots), and 'the right to have their original Digimon drawn and made into a plush' by Kenji Watanabe, etc.

More details on both of both of these soon no doubt.

Update- Tweaked details above thanks to help from onkei.

Update- Better quality version of the key art image.