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Thread: Secret Digimon in Digimon X2 Revealed in MonMon Memo!

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    Secret Digimon in Digimon X2 Revealed in MonMon Memo!

    I think many saw this coming...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    It's time for MonMon Memo 36! This time they talk about those ? blocks that people have been guessing at...

    Information about the Digital Monster X Red and Purple keeps being published, bit after bit, but there are points that haven't been revealed yet...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    There has been various speculation since pre-orders began over the presence of the ??? squares.

    This time in MonMon Memo it's time to reveal the super-great Digimon which adds a bit of flavor to who you can raise in the X2 in an amazing fashion...

    Here's the answer, and hopefully it meets your expectations!

    The correct answer is...

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The other day, the app game Digimon ReArise celebrated it's first anniversary. Rasenmon Rage Mode and Rasenmon were added in the midst of this great story (during a wild rampage) and will also take part in the devilish battle of the Digimon X2!

    When I look back at the lineup, it was understood that Erismon, the main character of ReArise, is likely to be able to evolve to Stefilmon. The characters under the ??? you had to wait for, but it's meaningful since you'll be able to follow the evolution path of Erismon to Rasenmon in the X2.

    Because it isn't directly related to the story of the X2, it's appearance is like that of an extra element, a special cast member, but it has a presence that can't be felt as an extra.

    If you are tired of following the path of evil, break out with this extra element!

    The evolution condition isn't clear yet, but if you get Erismon, why not follow the road to Rasenmon!

    Of course, you can be assured that you can train these Digimon in both the Red and Purple.

    So finally, the lineup to raise and train is finally out, that's it for this time.

    The Digimon X2 Red and Purple can still be pre-ordered.

    They end by saying that, once again, they'll see you on the next update!

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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    Now to pretend to be shocked.

    Oh my god no way!

    I do like how they coordinated it tbf with being in the game then revealing it like this etc. We only knew cus data minining. I bet that really annoyed Bandai lol
    Last edited by Muur; 07-19-2019 at 12:21 AM.

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    I mean, I was certainly expecting one Rasenmon, but two?! Not super into it, but whatever, I've got plenty of other Digimon to love in these devices!
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    That's so very expected and so disappointing! There goes all our speculation lol

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    I come from the net
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    *Sad Panda* But surprised Rasenmon without Rage is in. Felt like it's so wrong. I mean, this second series of this V-pet is for SGDL lol

    Oh well at least we will have third series!

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    Junior Commander
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    They did specify earlier that depending on how you raise the Digimon, there could be a "good" path within the X2. Guess this would qualify as it.

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    Red shirt D O R U g o r a m o n's Avatar
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    At least we have good rasenmon artwork now. Was still hoping for a new X antibody

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    I come from the net
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    Oh yeah I vaguely remember that. So that's the completed roster for now? Yes?

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    Completely digital Chimera-gui's Avatar
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    I do like that Rasenmon and Rage Mode are facing each other, as if they're about to do battle.
    I'll work to see that justice will be fully served, meow~!

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    I come from the net Seymour Butz's Avatar
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    (Crinkles nose.) Wow that’s stupid.

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