Some small stream news...

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On July 18th at 10pm in Japan (6am Pacific) the 76th episode of Premium Bandai preview show PreBan Lab will have a few potential things of interest to Digimon fans.

The show is hosted by voice actors Kenichi Suzumura and Ryota Ohsaka. While they both have many credits to their name, Suzumura in particular will be of interest to Digimon fans since he was Kouichi (and his various Digimon forms) in Digimon Frontier.

They will be introducing Digimon products on the show. Introducing in this context appears to be showing off products and 'not' showing something new.

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They specifically have shown off images of the Adventure multicases in social media ads, so we expect that to be the primary thing they will be previewing.

In addition to the preview of Digimon products, there will be a guest who is familiar to Digimon fans...

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Toshiyuki Toyonaga! Digimon fans would best know him as Rei from Appmon. It doesn't appear his appearance has anything to do with Digimon and is simply coincidental, but it'll be interesting to see if it comes up, especially since Suzumura also played a lead in the franchise.

If you want to watch it will be available on both niconico and Youtube. (The Youtube link is just to the PreBan Lab Youtube rather than a direct stream link.)