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Here's a follow up...

What came first? Veedramon's appearance in the Manga or its appearance in the V-Pet? I quite like the Biyomon to Veedramon evolution.
Yeah, Piyomon to V-dramon isn't too bad (though I do think of Agumon as Zeromaru's Child form). Nyokimon's profile even points to a potential evolution to V-dramon (Nyokimon being Piyomon's typical BabyI form). It was probably just put in the profile to justify adding the manga protagonist to the Pendulum Ver.4 V-pet, but still, it's interesting to see such an evo chain strongly hinted at with some form of justification. Also interesting how they connect Nyokimon to Botamon, who's later in the manga confirmed to be Zeromaru's BabyI form.