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Thanks to a few different tweets from Producer Habu, it appears that Digimon game staff members will see what further Anime Expo questions they might be able to answer that had been sent in by fans.

This was posted as a series of 5 tweets by Habu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Each tweet is being posted here as a separate paragraph.

Some of the most received questions for Anime Expo were: About the systems in Survive, and Will 'this' Digimon appear in a game? These questions showed up a lot. I couldn't answer all that were received, but I'm currently in discussion with other staff as to which questions we can pick up and answer.

There was an interesting question. "At the time Digimon was created, the internet and digital technology were for a limited number of people, but after 20 years, the internet and technology have changed to something everyone uses on a daily basis. How should Digimon change with the changed worldview?

I think it's a great question that should be discussed with everyone, not just me. I'd like to hear Mr. Kakudou and Mr. Konaka's thoughts on it as well.

When reflecting the change from digital being an unknown thing into something that has become a part of everyday life, I think that it is necessary that the balance of fantasy and reality should be customized so that they don't contradict the basic settings. Cyber Sleuth was one of those outputs in my case.

As an LCD toy, Digimon was strongly pushed as an AI program, but in the anime they were depicted as lifeforms of a different world, partner Digimon that evolve based on a bond with humans. They are depicted as their human's other half, and I think that this point allows the Digimon to have a more established character.

It mostly relates to one specific question, but it's a generally interesting one, moreso that he wants to hear the input of those related to the anime, along with him bringing up why the games have, over time, skewed more and more to have anime-like elements in them.

Thanks to onkei for the translation.

Hopefully we get more of these soon!

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