Time for some more Digimon X2 info!

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It's time for MonMon Memo 35! This time they give some information about raising your Digimon in the Digimon X2 V-Pets, along with a reveal of a changed mechanic...

They first note that the second order period has begun for the Digimon X2 Red and Purple.

They call it... Raising Information- Road to the Devil!

Note from MonMon Memo- Evolution route information will be included, so if you want to find it on your own, skip reading.

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[Numemon has done his best to shield you from the below if you didn't want to see it.]

They will introduce important info on aiming for a Demon King Digimon in the X2.

Speaking of raising and evolution... It's fun to raise while thinking about what Digimon will show up in evolution next, and is one of the fun features of the Digimon series.

In training with the X2, they want to aim for one of the Seven Great Demon Lords, but the two digimon that will give you the greatest likelihood of getting a Demon Lord...

Appearing in the Red is Agumon (Black) X and in Purple is Impmon X as child level Digimon.

These positions were taken by Renamon X and Dracomon X in the previous V-Pet.

Normally you'd want to raise your Digimon carefully all the way to perfect, but this time the to key to getting a Demon Lord is in Yaamon. Instead of raising him right, you have to try something different to evolve to either Agumon (Black) X or Impmon X.

The concept is the influences on the Baby will affect growth. The route between Baby and Child is the most important. After that, you can raise the Digimon to perfection like usual.

Please enjoy the unusual concept that influencing the Digimon in this form will affect it's growth later. This is a unique concept to the X2 and it's storyline from the point of view of evil.
*This is an additional element only during it's Baby to Child period, so aim for a perfect training route after that.
*There are other ways to aim for the route of the devil.

By the way, this MonMon Memo mentions a bit about training methods early in the X2, but there is a bit more about training...

One of the things that governs evolution of Digimon is experience and levels. It's an important system that brings out the fun and depth, and for those who have upgraded their level it makes winning a bit easier, but it can be a hard thing for some people (This applies to many in-house...)

This item is for people who need help!

EXP Coat!

With this help item, experience points will be doubled in the next quest battle, so you can support your attempt to increase your level. Use it before entering a high experience area and you might be able to raise your level and capture the map.

The X2 is getting more and more interesting... Stay tuned to the release of the X2 Red and Purple. MonMon Memo will return.

[The sprites above aren't the ones from the article. Those were scaled up quite poorly, I scaled up equivalent sprites, and in the case of EXP Coat, remade it so we had it clean.]

Update- Changed some of the above thanks to onkei.

In addition, from last night, we have art and a short profile for a new Digimon from the X2!

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Mephismon X!
Its appearance has changed from a ram to that of an ewe; not only is it dressed in a ladylike fashion, its every move exudes grace and elegance. It gleefully uses its dark incantations to attack even those begging for their lives or those struggling hopelessly, casting death upon them.

Thanks to garm for the translated profile

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