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Thread: Animation Character Designs for Last Evolution Kizuna

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    lol, does every Adventure-cast movie have to start out with "Nobody has time to spend with Taichi"? And with the profiles, it seems only Taichi, Koushiro, Takeru, and Hikari show up even for digimon things, though at least Mimi keeps in-touch. Obviously at least Yamato will show up, but it's still funny how anytime they have downtime between world-ending threats they drift apart, except ironically in 02, where they seemed ready to mostly get together whenever.

    Because it's important to her to live a normal everyday life, she hardly meets with the others.
    What kinda pessimistic philosophy is that, Sora?! lol

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    So Hikari is studying to be a teacher, eh? Hey Toei, feel like retconning Tamers a little bit? You know you want to...

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    Koushiro Izumi's profile is most interesting of them all. This part in particular; "He is the leading role in maintaining the "Chosen Children" community that is spreading throughout the world." Someone once asked how a new generation of chosen children was exactly chosen and I think we just got the answer for that.

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    Well, they were chosen by the powers of the Digital World (Homeostasis or whatever). It’s not like Koshiro’s been assigning people partners and Digivices.

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    Mimi is at least easy to cosplay, but it's so normal looking, no one would suspect it. I miss her out there big ol' hat.

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